Secret To Your Success - Surprise, It's You!

by ELK
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Hello Warriors

I just watched a great short video on Yahoo (comes with an article) about a woman who made her hair care business stand out. She said that she didn't worry about competition - there's enough for everyone. And it was about finding YOUR niche with an intention toward success.

She had some other great points, but it all revolved around just being yourself and with your personality. Being confident about yourself and selling that. Nobody else has that!

I just thought it was great and echoed some of the wonderful advice I've read on this forum, but with the impact of a video.

Thanks, Warriors. And go change someone's life today!

Here's the article and video: (sorry, video is on autoplay)

Celebrity Hair Stylist's Best Product: It's Not What You Think | Secrets to Your Success - Yahoo! Shine
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    What a beautiful woman. And what an inspiration. We all consider a good head of hair to be our crowning glory but this lady has little or no hair and yet she looks fabulous!
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      I know, I thought it was interesting that she had almost no hair to "work with" (as she's shown handling fairly long strands with her clients), yet that seems to have absolutely no bearing on her own sense of style or her popularity with others who love what she does. She is genuinely herself and giving far far more than just hair services.

      Really amazing and such an important message that serves to silence the fears we all have in our own heads. And that's all they are, just fears.

      I've bookmarked this as a quick pick-me-up when those little voices get a little too much spotlight in my own mind.

      Quality handcrafted PLR articles made by me, a mental health professional and freelance writer

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    Now, that woman knows EXACTLY who she is and where she's going.

    Her genuineness, meshed with her positive attitude and passion, is the stuff a true Warrior is made of. Love stories like that...
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    Love it! It's so cute that she doesn't have any hair herself! ) Thanks for sharing
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    To be successful in life you must be sure of yourself and be 100% positive.
    Never give up and work hard.
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      Nice one. Really makes a difference when you do something for the love of it instead of just for profits.
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    Great share! Thanks!
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    Thanks for the share.

    Not only is she beautiful from the outside but she is also from the inside. You can really see that she wants to help other and that she loves what she does.

    Simply Awesome!
    Marc Bell | Branding. Selling. Networking
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  • Profile picture of the author Clint Faber
    Yes I absolutely agree. It wasn't until I started focusing on the talents that I personally possess that I started seen great success in my business.

    I'm a very analytical, scientific, detailed oriented personality, which explains my success in analyzing conversions and building up successful CPA campaigns as well as the ability to put together complex structures and abstract systems to produce software , which supports the entire business as a whole.
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    Thanks for the positive vibes, cheers!
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    • Profile picture of the author MissTerraK
      Now if that doesn't spark inspiration, I really don't know what could!!

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