Secret To Your Success - Surprise, It's You!

by ELK
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Hello Warriors

I just watched a great short video on Yahoo (comes with an article) about a woman who made her hair care business stand out. She said that she didn't worry about competition - there's enough for everyone. And it was about finding YOUR niche with an intention toward success.

She had some other great points, but it all revolved around just being yourself and with your personality. Being confident about yourself and selling that. Nobody else has that!

I just thought it was great and echoed some of the wonderful advice I've read on this forum, but with the impact of a video.

Thanks, Warriors. And go change someone's life today!

Here's the article and video: (sorry, video is on autoplay)

Celebrity Hair Stylist's Best Product: It's Not What You Think | Secrets to Your Success - Yahoo! Shine
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