How do academic course websites make these tutorial videos?

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    Good question Sexy. I'd be very curious to see what the answer is. Looks like they've taken 2 videos and embedded one into the other all while keeping the timeline accurate.

    You might need to move this thread to the developers section to get an answer.

    Thanks for asking.
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    If its to a definite script the timing will be almost, if not, the same.

    Film piece to camera, use an auto cue('s free... For iPhones) then film the hand scenes whilst reading aloud from the same script,separate the audio, and then depending on what editing software do PIP ( picture in picture) Yourube should have tutorials on this...

    Hope that helps

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    It's two videos sync'd together most probably by an audio sync between the two videos. When you shoot videos and have an audio track recorded on another device, it's easy to sync up. Two videos is not that much different.

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    You would need two cameras to record the different angles... one looking at the hands and one looking at you. You see how her hands are actually moving and she looks down once in a while? The two videos are being filmed simultaneously and obviously both will have the same audio. As for the PIP, you can easily do this in Adobe Premier. Hope that helped.
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