New to Fiverr or thinking about starting a Fiverr business?

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Then we need to talk!

I'm creating a guide on how to create an income source using Fiverr.

Right now I'd like to talk to possible customers to find out who the typical fiverr vendor is. This way I'll be able to fit my guide better to the customer segment.

So, if you have just started using fiverr for extra income or if you are thinking of starting. LET ME SURVEY YOU!

I have about 15-20 questions I'd like to ask you and here's what you'll get in return:

1. A free review copy of my finished product when it launches. Trust me, it will cover everything on making money on fiverr. I don't like half assed products so I don't create them myself either.
2. If your particular case is interesting, you might be choosen for free coaching.
3. US$5 sent to your PayPal as a thank you.

After reading this, post here or send me a PM to book an interview.

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    Hey, this sounds interesting

    I've been earning money through Fiverr with an SEO-related gig for the last 2.5 months, just as a background information, so I'm relatively new. I have some other gigs I'm thinking of doing, but I need to wait till I'm closer to May

    Just send a PM if you would like to ask me
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    Hey aeri, going out for a walk. I'll PM you when I get back!
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    HI! Kristoffer.I have tried to fetch money through fiverr from last three months.But,i could n't.But my co sellers are making a loy of can u please help to make money my Email address is (clashcut666AT THE RATE OF G M A I L DOT C O M)
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    Please contact me with out fail
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    kish007: Sorry but I want to interview people who have been on the forum a little bit longer.
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      i have just filled out the survey you PM me, but i can not PM yet...

      but i just want to say, that it is done and just keep the 5$, i am happy to help for free

      Have a nice day

      Best Regards
      Dennis Skatt

      P.S. all i want is a "take me by the hand until i make money" coach or system
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    Still need people? I have been on fiverr for about 2 months and generated around 700

    Visit My website

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