How important are Headlines?

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They can make you or break you...

Make your headline suggest to your prospects that here is something they want.
Get some self-interest into the headline by promising huge benefits for trivial costs.
  1. You Can Laugh at Money Worries if You Follow This Simple Plan.
  2. Give me 5 days and I'll Give you ....
  3. Let me Prove it-Free
  4. The Secret on How to Be Taller
  5. Retire at 55
  6. How You Can Improve Your Memory in One Evening...
I actually bought this one like 20 years ago, I think it was Marc Anthony's product. :p
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    Yes indeed, headlines are the most important. In fact - If you want some good examples of proven headlines, you can always head over to amazon and check out the headlines of some top bestselling books. That would give you enough food for thought.

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    Thanks for sharing that. To anyone who'd like to turn their headlines into graphics that attract more attention, you can use this tool if you haven't know about it yet:

    It's completely free. Hope that helps,
    No agenda here...
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    Headlines are critically important... but at the same time, they are just the START. It
    needs to get people reading the next line... which in turn needs to compel them
    onto the next, and so on.

    Copywriters call it the "slippery slope" or the "greasy slide".
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      Headlines refer to :
      -> Email Subject Line
      -> Page Header
      -> Title of An Article
      -> Article Sub-headers
      -> Press release Title
      -> Text-based Advertising

      This video is a good guide on how to create compelling headlines. It is from the latest research at MECLABS.

      === >>> Tomorrow Should Be Better Than Today

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