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I started here on the forums last month and have read hours of information and created a niche site last week, i just wanted to make sure i am doing things right. This site is more of a test to see how it works and if it works.

Basically what i am doing is

Submitting a new article every 1 - 2 days
Picking a new keyword for each article although in the same niche as my website for instance "How to lose weight" and "best weight loss program"
Building around 5 back links per day on blog, forums, web 2.0(I back link my inner article pages too not sure if you should only back link your homepage)
The only program use is Socialadr and pingler to ping my new pages.

I write all my own articles.
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    Are you building an email list along with all of these methods also?
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    It sounds like you're off to a good start but I agree with Randall, you should be building an email list as well.
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    Sounds like you are doing okay but yeah if you can build a list too it would increase revenue lets say by about 300-400%
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    I agree with the list building but if it is a brand new site with no traffic I am not sure it is best to shell out any money for aweber yet. For SEO it sounds like you have a good plan, just keep at it and you will have some good rankings.
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    Thanks everyone, really encouraging seeing all your comments. I have an opt in form all ready but I will wait until i get more content and visitors before I put it up.
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    Yeah. You're just doing the right thing.

    And always remember to combine Quality and Quantity.

    The quality bookmarks you submit, the more traffic is obtained.
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    You might want to build up a backlink pyramid or link wheel as well. That will help your keywords on SERP
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    Chips Fletcher from Pawpoint
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    The quality is always the most important
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