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Okay so I started posting gigs on fiverr about a week ago but I'm not getting many orders...

How can I improve this? Anyone here with any experience on fiverr?
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    Once you start getting orders and feedback things can pick up a bit. People don't like being the first to try a product or service out - they like reading that it's worth the $5 before making the purchase. Make sure to make every customer happy and provide a worthwhile gig for people to return for and provide good feedback.
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    Have you made a video for each gig? Make sure you do this (tell them exactly what they will get). I noticed when I first started out on Fiverr, the gig that had a video got more interest and I began to get sales and feedback.
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    The first 10 orders and ratings is the hardest part on Fiverr.

    Promote your gigs through twitter, facebook or forum signatures.

    Once you get a few ratings, the thing will go easier and better.
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    Thanks Ben,

    That's something I noticed as well. I've been looking at other gigs and I've noticed that the gigs with a video presentation have more sales and feedback.
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      When I use Fiverr I almost always look for experienced sellers with good feedback. However, I don't tend to count 100 feedback replies that just say "good job" or "thanks" as it feels fake to me. I do like videos, but they are not necessary. I also usually stay away from Gigs that make unrealistic sounding claims or claims that cannot be substantiated.

      My career is in the health field and I spent a year researching Type 2 Diabetes in order to find a natural cure.

      My 101 page eBook is available for affiliates at JVZoo. Affilates make 75% commission.

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    Put a video, have a fast turn around time and make sure your gig is somewhat different from the rest that are similar to yours.
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    If you are a newbie on Fiverr it is truly quite hard to persuade buyer, since most of them usually review the seller background like ratings and comments. But don't lose your hope all big things started in small.
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    If you're new, be sure to offer a bonus or two. Try to create a variety of gigs and then offer a bonus or two on your description. Let this bonus serve as the entice factor that will get those first few buyers in. Be sure to tell them to leave you a positive review as well. The more of those you get, the better.. and eventually, you can take away the bonus off of your profile, and still give it to them when you process their gig... and then close out the order by thanking them for buying, and telling them the bonus you gave them as well. And again, ask for the positive feedback.

    I actually had 2 Tweet gigs this past week, one opting for my Extra gig so that was $15 for those, and then I had a guy who was interested in two blog posts as well so another $10 for those (minus the $1 per gig they take). I don't even have videos, but, I'll eventually get something put on there.

    Another option you can do is twist different variations and create more gigs out of them. So for example, if you write an article, make one gig where you write an article of 500 - 700 words for $5.00, and another gig be where you write 300 - 500 and optimize it for one keyword, etc. The same could be for twitter, where you tweet three messages in one day for $5.00, or tweet one message in 3 days for $5.00, or tweet 2 messages on each of 2 days for $5.00, etc.

    If you have a mailing list that may be interested in your gigs, let them know briefly to check out your Fiverr gigs towards the end of your email broadcast. That's also good to get some to check you out.

    Hope this helped a bit... I'm definitely no expert, but posting some of what I've experienced with it... got my Level 1 a few weeks ago, now aiming for Level 2.
    -- Absorbing & implementing. Need hip hop beats for your business needs? Hit me up!
    -- Posting my experiences and so forth with my own blog.
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      Originally Posted by MartinBuckley View Post

      Check out my Fiverr post at:


      I hope this helps,

      That's actually a really interesting method. I never even thought about doing something like that with Fivver, but this just gave me a few ideas.
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        I have a few gigs on Fiverr. The best one brings me around $400 per month, not very impressive but for the time I invest in each order (just a couple of minutes), this is good income source. And this is just one gig of mine. I know other people making 4 to 5 figures a month on Fiverr.

        I suggest you do these:
        • Offer bonus to buyers (at least for the first 10 buyers)
        • Offer express gig (complete in 24 hours), some people want fast delivery
        • Ask for comments when you deliver, could include a small bonus as incentive
        • Add video to introduce your gig
        • Corss-market your gigs (when delivering one gig include links to other gigs)
        • Provide quality service (this is vital - I sometimes refund despite it's not my fault, just to keep the 100% +ve rating)
        • Learn from other sellers' gig descriptions and tags

        SEO fanatic, enjoys ranking sites

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        I'm happy i was able to help, now if your willing PM me what your ideas are and we can bounce ideas off each other and maybe come up with something that we can both profit from.



        Originally Posted by Sitestomp View Post

        That's actually a really interesting method. I never even thought about doing something like that with Fivver, but this just gave me a few ideas.
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    You should offer bonus to get initial orders. This is a hard thing. But you will find it easily after having 10+ ratings.

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    The most important thing is your first customer. I made a gig to serve myself as Virtual Assistant. No order for 1 month. Then I made the first sale and guess what another sale comes in 24 hour later, then I got another sale on my other gig, and another sale.

    I feel like suspending my gig temporarily because I am so freaking busy.
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    fiverr is saturated
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    When i first started with Fiverr, almost 2 years ago, it was pretty easy to get some sales, because there were not too many people offering services in there.

    I used to get up to 10 orders per day, which was great for me as a newbie.Afterwards, i realised that the competition is growing and now thousands and thousands aer offering similar services.

    You have to offer something as a bonus, in order to get your first sales.Also try to promote your gig into your FB friends, make a video on Youtube etc

    In my experience, people now buy in Fiverr from rated sellers or from people who offer something different as a gig eg something funny, a strange promotion, a funny video testimonial.

    You have to consider offering something original!


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    When I have Gig at Fiverr, for 2 month I haven't get sale. Then I edit the time of my service to be express Gig and I get sale.
    I don't know it will help you or not, because I also think this matter related what service that provided you at Fiverr?
    Because my Gig related about backlinks/SEO service.
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    Browsing through this thread I have collected some cool tips for my personal use. Also I want to share a tips about Fiverr.

    Always try to sell something unique. But how can you do that. You can always do that using some innovative idea and resenting the gigs in a different style.
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    Another easy way to get started with fiverr gigs' exposure is sending your words out. I cal this method "Star for a Star". You can contact some sellers (level 1, level 2) and ask them to "star" your gig then you "star" them back. This did help make your gig get more exposure.
    New seller's disadvantage is buyers don't know about their gigs although they are good.
    I'm a Fiverr Seller Level 2 and my gig is very unique. I'd love to help. You can pm me for a "Star".

    Best regards,
    Tu Michael
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    Put a video up for you gig. Make it catchy.

    You could also create a few fiverr accounts or get a few friends to buy your gig, and leave you some good feedback.

    Promote your gig like you would any other website. Create yourself a sales page on weebly, squidoo or wordpress. Start generating traffic/linkbuilding to it.
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    try to get some social traffic to your gigs. post it in related forums.
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    It's important to upload a video and have the main keywords in both your gig title & description to rank higher in the fiverr search results.
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    i fond posting comments on fiverr blog increase exposure too
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    Because fiver have so many gigs on the site your listing may never be seen and it gets lost behind all the others.
    Why not try placing your gig on a clone site where your advert will be seen.
    EXPLODE your Offline sales!!!! My unique methods of selling are all revealed. I went from writing $5 articles to selling Mobile Websites that convert like CRAZY!!!!!!
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    Thanks everybody, after reading this thread I think I've found a way to make some money on fiverr. I've had a few sales since I started this thread.
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