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Hi Guys,
I discovered a bizarre thing on Google Analytics, maybe you can enlighten me a bit.

I use to control my traffic every day, just to find what works best and what does not. I found today that I lost 54 unique visitors that I had distributed in all days since February.

Is this normal? why they disappeared? Being a tool just to provide information about traffic in your website, I found no "logical" explanation about why my visitors got deleted from the statistics.

What do you think about this?
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    Sorry, I don't know much about it to help you. You will need a more experienced warrior to help you with this. I just didn't want it to seem that no one was responding to your post.
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    same thing happened to me, I am not sure what may cause that.
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    well, i never experience something like that before. i thought you should ask seo experts about this.
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      That sounds as though one of your keywords has dropped out of SERPS resulting in the reduced number of visitors to your site.

      It's currently happening with one of my keywords - just as it was starting to pull in 100 visitors per day. I was sitting pretty on page 1 of Google for a while with that keyword until one day BLAM! I noticed my traffic start to dwindle. That keyword is now sitting at position 200 Google dancing its ass away.

      This has also happened with other keywords but they come back eventually. Just keep on backlinking and adding more content.

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    Marcello, are you saying that unique visitors tracked during a specific period disappeared from that same period's stats report?? That is something altogether different from what SEOBabe is describing, which seems to be about keyword slippage being reflected in "subsequent" stats reports to the period in question. Question: Did the "total visits" count also go down by the same or similar number as the missing uniques in the report for the period in question?
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    Google Analytics is slow, so make sure that you have a fast loading site or your visitor will click away and not logged in to the stats. Using async script on google analytics would help. Just try it.
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