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It was my first time buying stock photos, and one thing really hit me:

They're pretty expensive! I never expected simple photographs could be worth so much.

After a while of complaining about how expensive the stocks were, an idea struck me.

What if I could make money from selling my own stock photos?

Obviously I'd need some equipment and a few lessons, but is it a longshot to think I can earn a handsome residual income from selling stock photography?

I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.
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    Yes, you can.

    Step 1. Find attractive/photogenic people (hire them with a one time price)

    Step 2. Get professional photos taken in different settings (outside, at the computer, in an office, on vacation, etc)

    Step 3. Sign up with sites like istockphoto as a provider and get paid each time your images are downloaded.

    It's really that easy. Make sure you have SIGNED contracts with all your models so they know how their images are being used.
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    I suppose that selling stock photos could be a good business model...are you passionate? Will you be tenacious about aggressively marketing your business?

    I think that finding a niche market to target, at least a first, would be better than just general stock photos. Eg, take pictures of herbs or of vegetarian dishes.

    Also, of you just want to make money but don't want to build an entire business, many stock photo sites let you come into their marketplace and sell your photos.
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      You don't need a fancy camera or much skill because people are looking for simple photos of objects and textures. Webmasters and small business owners are always looking for simple photos to put on their website, sales letter or brochure.

      A dog training blogger needs photos of dogs doing different things for their posts. A small business owner selling bodybuilding information might want a photo of a barbell set. A website designer developing a corporate website might want a photo of a young corporate male standing next to a stop sign. The opportunities are endless and it's awesome passive income.

      And then there is an opportunity to use your photos on mugs, t-shirts, etc. and sell those. There are places like cafepress that you can do this with.
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    Thanks guys, you've both given me great ideas. I had originally intended on signing up with the bigger fish like istock, but focusing on a niche within stock photography and building my own business around it sounds fantastic.

    Looks like I have plenty of homework to do lol.
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    What kind of niche(s) do you think you'll specialize in?
    I am new to the forum and can't send PMs yet, but I can see you are closer to being able to send them. If you are interested in working together, I would be interested in purchasing some stock photos from you, depending on the niche(s).
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    You need to produce a HUGE volume of photos to make any real money on lower priced stock photo sites such a istockphoto. I'm talking thousands or even tens of thousands of photos. The sites are also very picky about what they accept.
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    thanks for the information and the new knowledge for me :-)
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