Ebook Nearly Complete, Now What?

by elliot
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So I shut myself away from the world and lived like a hermit, and all to get an ebook created, now its nearly complete my question is, whats the best approach to take to sell it?, should I use PayPal or Clickbank?, maybe both?.

And should I add another page to my blog to sell it, or do I get its own domain name, then set up a sales page and try to sell it that way?, hmmm, a bit stuck here, need help fellow warriors!.
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        Originally Posted by TMG Enterprises View Post


        I think it makes a difference depending on whether you want affiliates, what the price point it and what the topic is about. I think you will get better advice if you give more detail as to the product you've created.

        Tina G
        Opps, sorry Tina,

        When its finally done it will probably be about 30-40 pages of information, and include detailed instructions about how to use the latest tools to get allot of followers and traffic from twitter without spamming!.

        For a price point im struggling with an exact figure, first I was thinking about $7, then maybe up to $30?, but its hard to tell what the best price would be, I know it works well, and some ebooks ive bought in the past for about $30 have done nothing for me, im a bit confused here.
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    You should set up a salespage and get a nice domain name for the product, period. I feel that this is the best way to bring in long term profits. Just my 2 cents.
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      It might be good to have its own domain but if you wanted to brand yourself you could put it on your blog. Maybe move your blog to /blog and make your site into something bigger.

      I think its stronger to make your website a different name from the ebook - it doesnt look like a marketing scheme and that way you can build up a portfolio of products if you wanted in future and make a name for yourself.
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    create a sales page for your ebook. Although I would recommend a squeeze page offering a free report or ecourse as selling from a sales page can be difficult. You can sell it on clcikbank if you want affiliates promoting your products, or you can use paypal and even consider offering resell rights to it using the 7 dollar script, depending on whether the ebook has affiliates links inside it.

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    Create a sales page and launch your product use CB if you want some affiliates which is always nice
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    Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

    Create a sales page on it's own domain.

    Use paypal to start with. Split test different headlines and drive traffic via EZA articles (or PPC if you know how to do that). Use Google Website Optimizer for free split testing.

    When you have good conversion, stick it on Clickbank and advertise your product launch in the JV directory here and on digitalpoint CB forum and other forums.

    Price it the same as similar products initially. Any product worth it's salt should be priced at at least $30. Non-IM ebooks are rarely over $50.

    Gambling, forex, IM can be higher ticket.
    $30 sounds like a good place to start, maybe I should do a WSO first for about $20ish??, be nice to try a wso out, that way I can get some good honest feedback, then make adjustments as needed.
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    If you want to sell it on CB, you will need your own domain with a sales page dedicated to only that product. CB affiliates won't promote a product with a bunch of leakers on it like a blog would have.

    Also, if you have other stuff on your blog to sell or AdSense on it. CB affiliates won't work to send a valuable visitor to a site where the visitor might click to order a different product. Also, 99% of CB products have prices ending in a "7". There is a psychological reason for this, but I won't go into that.

    Hey good luck!

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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    IMO you should start with a separate sales page that offers the ebook for a low price, say $11. Now when prospects scroll through the sales page, put in an exit popup and offer them a free report on something related like for example how to use twitter for IM.
    So now you have a list of customers and a list of potential customers (your list). Email your list with another offer (say a discount on the sales price) and see if they bite.
    Meanwhile, steadily increase your price from $11 to say $14 then say $19 (not fast, say every month or 2 months) to get a feel if your sales and income is dropping or increasing. If it is increasing, then keep on increasing the price till you see a hump (i.e. from this point onwards your income starts to drop). That is your sweet spot. Continue to sell at that price for a steady passive income.
    Just my 2 cents, hope the strategy succeeds for you, maybe you buy me a coffee..haha just joking.
    All the best!
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    Set up the product on your own domain. You can name the site a generic niche name so you will be able to use it for other products in that niche, yours and others. So as well as selling your own product you could be an affiliate for other similar products as well.

    For payment you could use paypal an then just up a download page on your site using DLGuard.

    As well as articles you could use, forum marketing to promote the book. Go into forums and blogs related to your niche and leave useful little comments , you should have a stack of knowledge about your niche because of the research you have done. Leave your link while doing this.
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    You should convert your ebook into audio to increase the perceived value!

    Scott Woodside

    The number 1 Choice for Audio Production!
    Member, Screen Actor's Guild

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