For affiliate marketing can a website target more than one keyword?

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Weight Loss Products | Weight Loss Pills | Weight Loss Supplements

I think the main keyword of this site is weight loss products, but all post title don't contain the keyword. I think this site has 3-4 posts for every product. My question is why this site gets 6 or 7 position in Google when I searched for "weight loss products."

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    Each page that the website has can rank separately in Google. If you have your main homepage, that gets its own rank. Then every page you create on your website, whether it be 10, or 100. Each individual one ranks on its own, not tied into the homepage ranking if that makes sense.
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    In a case like this it would be best to make sure that all of the pages on your site are at least for similar products. This will help you get a bit more developed site with more pages in a certain niche for Google to index. It may also help you grab a few extra sales when you have visitors show up that are looking for your niche.

    If you are going to sell ebooks on cats and want to have other offers, I would stick with ebooks on dogs, reptiles, fish, etc. It's even better if you can keep everything even more similar and just do a large amount of Dog affiliate links each on a different page.
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    I looked up the rankings for that site on and although it is on page one of several keywords, they are all very low monthly global search keywords.

    It is pretty easy to rank for low search volume keywords but it won't get you too far since you won't get much traffic since there isn't much traffic searching for that keyword.

    Per SEMRUSH, the keyword, "weight loss product" only gets 880 global monthly searches and of that amount, this site only gets 3% of that traffic. That would only be 26 clicks a month from that keyword.

    It appears that this site went for ranking in hundreds of lower volume keywords.

    If you ever want to see what keywords a site is ranking for, look it up in SEMRUSH and if you want to see all the keywords Google see on the site, look the site up in the Google keyword tool.
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