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Hi all,

I am helping website developer test their new platform, problem is I don't have any product to sell so I need some help. Just four product owners.

The new website is nearly ready for launch and is going to attract a lot of highly targeted traffic for those in the im sector. It offers free tuition services and a unique platform to market your product which includes emailing to the their membership. So its free traffic, free sales ... good stuff!

So if you have created your own product and you have it on clickbank please PM me. I will help you set up ( ıts quick and free). You will need to be able to post at least 3 articles to support your product. The sytem has a built in article engine that will help promote your product and attract sales.

Now - this is not hype - if it was I would have mentioned the site name by now ( probably a few times ) but I can not even give out the url until it is launched. We only need four to help us test everything over the next 10 days.

What do get out of it? You get to keep your account along-side other internet authors like Ewen Chia, Yanik Silver, John Reese.

Please send me a PM and I'll give you more details.
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      I will pm you some details.

      We are really looking for people who already have their product up and running and have it on clickbank. Its simple extra money if its already running plus you get good pr from it because you get exposure as an expert.

      As soon as you are ready contact me and I will let you know how soon to launch we are.

      All the Best.
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