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I am a bit confused by a blog site which seems to be showing as PR9. As well as their PR graphic showing PR9, my own toolbar shows PR9 and a few sites that claim to identify fake PR sites also show it as PR9 and genuine but it can't be.....

If you look at Whois, it shows as registered on the 16th Jan 2012 so only 6 weeks ago. Clearly it is almost impossible to get a site to PR9 under almost any circumstances let alone within 6 weeks of registering it.

Something is clearly not right here and just wondered if anyone could have a look and see if you can work out how this is being done.

The owner of this site is trying to sell links on this site as PR9 and I know this can't be genuine.

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    No the PR is not fake. It's a real domain with PR 9. It certainly has one backlink pointing towards another PR 9 or PR 10 domain. If that ever gets removed or if the backlink dies then the PR will fall immediately in the next update.

    Install SEO Quake on firefox or google chrome, then type this : site:domainname in google and you should see that SEO quake is showing it as a Real PR 9 site.
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    Interesting - I think this is one of the first PR9 sites I have seen. I did a site:domain and it only showed just over 100 pages so all seemed a bit questionable!

    Owner is asking $100 per month for a link.

    Thanks for looking
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    Of course it's fake. It takes age and literally thousands of backlinks to get a real PR 9 site. Take a look at this post http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...rank-10-a.html

    If you search the forum, I know there are many posts talking about this. I seem to remember SBucciarel talking about it on a Flippa thread somewhere, but right now I can't find it.

    Edit. Found it http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post5654323
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    Found this article which can help you. New PR fraud method detected - Google please fix this !

    EDIT: It's fake for sure. I just did few more testing and found that the domain age this is what whois domain tools showed :

    Created On:16-Jan-2012 06:39:14 UTC
    Last Updated On:15-Feb-2012 22:32:38 UTC
    Expiration Date:16-Jan-2013 06:39:14 UTC

    Their has been new PR faking techniques going around the market which even these tools aren't able to identify. Don't deal with that person because things looks a bit sneaky.
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    Thanks iuditg,

    That artivle is interesting. I know this site is faked but I have followed all the suggestions and still can't prove it. Google's last cache is only a few days old and shows the right site with a PR9 so not sure how to check back further.

    Would love to be able to confirm this is a fake

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      Domain Name:10PC.INFO
      Created On:16-Jan-2012 06:39:14 UTC
      Last Updated On:15-Feb-2012 22:32:38 UTC
      What on earth more do you need to "confirm"???

      Two month old site - outranking top sites online? That IS proof enough for anyone - don't be gullible.

      You are trying to "verify" - but you missed the first step - checking domain registration. There are a lot of tricks sites can use - but they can't change date of registration.
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    Awesome info here. Whois wins again.

    How long can a site like that exist before it gets pwned by Google?
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    Hi kay King,

    Yes, the registration date was 6 weeks ago so clearly it cant be PR9. This one is obvious but as yet, no one has been able to find a way to confirm this as every check has come back as PR9.

    The reason i am keen to find a way to prove it is fake is that in the future when I am looking at a less obvious site e.g PR 2/3/4 you would be totally fooled as it would be reasonable to see a PR2/3/4 that is faily young in age if the person had done a lot of good link building and obtained a few high PR/low obl backlinks.

    If no one can see a way to confirm this as a fake, it would be impossible to spot a PR3 that is 3 months old as that could be fake, it could be real. I always trusted 2 checks - the google tool bar and then a look at the cached pages. this is normally enough to spot a standard 301 redirect fake.

    the fact no one can see a way to confirm this is a fake 9other than it being blatent) is a bit concerning i feel.

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    This is intriguing, has anybody been able to find the "donor" site?

    I don't think anybody would bother using this technique to create PR2 to 4 sites.

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