What Do You Think of Facebook?

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Do you think Facebook is the most important of the social media sites?
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    It's important but what's more important is your overall social media strategy and purpose. If you don't figure that out it doesn't really matter what you're doing or where. And I personally believe in a multi-pronged approach using a combination of sites.
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    Facebook is not the most important, let's just say it is more known for today's generation. But when you consider all the other social media sites you will know the difference and the purpose or usage of each social media. Not all people uses facebook and likes facebook.
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    Originally Posted by IMWarrior0 View Post

    Do you think Facebook is the most important of the social media sites?
    Yes. I really love Twitter, but Facebook is amazing. They hold data on an incredible amount of people - data advertisers go crazy for.

    I laugh whenever someone says Facebook is a bubble, Facebook could go under overnight, blah blah blah. Facebook's power is insane.
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    Its the most important one to be able to market with ..Because if you don't use Facebook to make money you are leaving an ass load of cash on the table. I'm creating a WSO right now that is going to be the Holy Grail of Facebook Marketing stay tuned
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    You know I am running a medium size printing companies SEO and facebook and twitter. We have over 1000 twitter followers and 645 facebook likes...not a lot...but I have not seen any leads or sales. In fact, I have not seen it rasise our page ranking either.
    I think it is just like when the internet first came out...nobody understood how it would make them money...it still in embyro.
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    I personally like Twitter better, but you should be directing your traffic to your website so that you can generate a lead... or present them with a direct sales offer.
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    With the current status of Facebook, I should say "Yes" . With it's fast growing population and highly anticipated features no wonder why this network is called "The Kind of Social Media"
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