Has anyone tried Buying Facebook Fans aside from Fiverr?

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I would need to increase my fans to around 2,000+, and I think it may take a few people to hire on Fiverr to increase my count to 2,000 fans. I am at about 50 right now.

I found a few sites online that offer this services. And these would be companies already that have their established websites, and not just freelancers.

I did some research and found good reviews with Blumpo.com.

Has anyone here tried their service?

Or does anyone else have any recommendation of which company to go to reach 2,000 fans?

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    It would all be about social proof.
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    I'm not sure how buying something fake proves anything.

    If you own a bar and you hire people to line up outside it, you may get some real people lining up as well because they see a crowd (this is the rationalization for buying fans or followers), but if they go into your bar and it's half empty and food is garbage and the DJ sucks, they'll leave. Even the people you bought to line up won't stay unless you keep paying them.

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      It depends on what you are looking to achieve.

      From experience if you buy so many facebook fans mostly they will be fakes people who have set up bogus accounts with a few bogus friends, Also most certain this will happen if you buy them cheap. it will boost your numbers and give you extra credibility, I be very surprised if it turns into orders from the extra fans you paid for. you then may get extra fans / sales because of your score, Facebook will also let you link your account to twitter and change the business page name to something better.

      Hope that helps
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    A very good point was made. You must weigh the added value (if any) to having fake fans. We are offering real fans if anyone is interested. View my signature
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    One thing to remember with social media its not quantity it's quality what is the point of 2000+ likes that aren't active, don't check your content, and more importantly don't buy from you?

    Talk Soon,
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    One thing to remember with social media its not quantity it's quality what is the point of 2000+ likes that aren't active, don't check your content, and more importantly don't buy from you?

    Talk Soon,
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    Uh, so to actually answer your question instead of or in addition to analyzing you, yes, I have purchased fans on fiverr and it was fast, safe and 100% successful. It was for an offline client who wanted them for whatever reason. I paid $5 and got 850 delivered in less than 1 day. They were 90% US and the rest were from the UK and Canada. On top of that the provider posted the page I added fans to on his wall.

    There are reasons to do things sometimes and reasons not to do things other times. I don't know your particular situation.

    Oh, and I don't remember the provider, sorry. I'm sure if you do the usual and sort by rating and popularity, you'll find some winners. There's a ton of stuff on fiverr and although a lot of it is crap, I know for a fact that some of the top marketers and SEO providers spend big bucks there on their own businesses.

    I got a social bookmarking gig last week that had 600 orders in the queue. that's 3K sitting there waiting to be had. This particular provider always has a large queue...

    You Are Not Your Thoughts
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      Use fiverr and buy a crap load of fans. This makes your page look seasoned and exciting to a real person. Then, use facebook ads and buy Real fans to like the page. You can buy likes for less than .10 since you are keeping people on facebook with your ads.
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    Thanks for all your responses. Yes, I would want to go and buy some Facebook friends, just to reach the 2,000+ fans mark, and from there, I will work it out naturally. My goal is not to convert any of those fans to customers, my goal is just to show all other potential real clients on our website that we have social proof, by displaying on our website that we have 2,000+ fans.

    Anyways, aside from Fiverr, anyone else tried online companies that offer these services? I am leaving towards blumpo.com, they offer 1,500 targetted fans for $197. I am willing to invest a little more into quality service. I appreciate any responses.
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    Anyone else? Any feedback on alternatives to Fiverr that provide 2,000+ feedback.

    With Fiverr, I may just get less than 1,000 feedback.
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    You're better off spending that money on PPC. Or even better... get some gas for your car.
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    Join fan exchange sites like youlikehits.com, fanpagers where you can get likes for literally free. Better than fiverr fans cause they are genuine people.
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    Don't you need something like 2000 fans to be able to get a personalized name/URL on FaceBook? I thought they had set a threshold at one point.

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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    I do acebook because it;s more socially trending that Fiverr...
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    I bought a package of fans from http://www.buyfacebook-fans.net and they delivered nicely. They don't use bots or fake accounts, either.

    Shopping Blog

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    thanks for bringing out the topic, i have also been thinking about buying likes and comments through fiverr just to show your early followers that you already have thousands of people following and saying good things about your website or blog... i think it is a small and simple technique to attract other people to follow you and eventually be one of your legit followers... although i am still working out my website, not out yet because i am still researching the authenticity of magic article article which i plan to buy soon...
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