My Domain Registration Company Is Listing One Of My Main Domains As Not To Renew

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I have my domains listed with several companies and normally I only visit them when a domain comes up for renewal. When this happened last week, I was amazed to see one of my main domains listed as 'This domain will not be renewed'.

I contacted them and asked why this is. I have never instructed them not to renew. They promised to 'look into it'.

I have now received an email from them, telling me too long has passed since the domain was (so called) canceled, and it cannot be reversed. BUT, I've just checked my records and WHOIS and the domain doesn't even expire until February 6, 2013. I actually renewed it in February this year.

I phoned them, but was told exactly the same thing.

I always keep copies of all my emails and nowhere do I have an email about canceling this domain. I just would not have done such a thing.

Can anyone offer me any advice as to how I can stop this domain from canceling?
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    What registrar are you using? Are you with GoDaddy?
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      Originally Posted by MarketingChad View Post

      What registrar are you using? Are you with GoDaddy?
      No, not GoDaddy, after the bad feedback they receive, I've never touched them.

      I'm reluctant to actually name the company, I've seen other threads deleted when someone has done this.
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    Sounds to me like it's time for you to start moving up the line of command. Ask for a supervisor and ask to see this communication they are telling you supposedly exists. If you are making money from that domain, you might even want to press the fact that if it takes a lawyer to suss this out for them, you are going to be one angry wench. Keep asking for higher-ups until you find someone with enough authority to help you out. I've had problems with businesses that I've had to go all the way to the vice-presidents to get straightened out.

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    Is the domain still functioning, Anne?

    It sounds to me like an internal malfunction of some kind: perhaps you renewed the domain a little late, after it'd expired or something (?), and although the renewal went through at the registry, the registrar's system wasn't properly updated and remains out of sync.

    Given that the WhoIs shows 2013 as the expiration year, I wouldn't worry about losing the domain, anyway. Plenty of time to have this resolved.

    (I once had a similar issue, years ago, with a domain that according to an official Nominet WhoIs was stuck permanently in (as far as I recall) a "pending renewal" state! No-one seemed able to fix it but I was given the assurance of its being purely a "cosmetic" issue that wouldn't cause any problems.)

    I would contact your registrar again, ask to speak to a supervisor or head of a technical department and point them toward next year's expiration date in the WhoIs, simply explaining that you have in fact renewed the domain and for some reason or other their system just doesn't seem to have updated properly, and can they look into getting it synced up for you - or at the very least give you their reassurance that the domain is safe until the next renewal date, and won't suddenly disappear from your account along with your ability to configure it.

    Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by DireStraits View Post

      Is the domain still functioning, Anne?

      Good luck!
      Yes, the domain is functioning just fine and my cc receipt showed that I actually renewed it on the 1st of February 2012, almost a week prior to its expiration date this year.

      Yes, I guess it's going to be a case of burning a few ears..

      I might try transferring it to one of my other hosts - see if that's possible.
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    Whether it "works" post expiry date (their expiry date, not one you see on the whois, which can often be incorrect as the registry update those even when it's not renewed by the registrar) depends on the domain extension (TLD)

    Without knowing the domain name, there's not much more specific advice, than to go back to your registrar for help

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    Does the whois use your contact information, or the domain company's? If it's your information, then you should have no problem moving it. Because moving it usually involves an email to the email-address on the whois contact information.
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      I have already gone to my other main domain company - NameCheap and initiated a transfer to them. In addition to the manual process, I also emailed their support and they replied straight away and said there should be no problem transferring it.
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