How do you hide this section of your affiliate link?

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Is it possible to hide your affiliate hop id which appears at the end of the url when a person visits the vendors page from your site?

e.g.[/url]?hop=your id

Is there a free WP plugin that will allow you to remove your hop id yet still let you get paid your commission if someone buys the product?

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    Well you could use a plugin like go codes so when you are linking to your affiliate link you use: then this will redirect to the p90x product page (or whatever you set it to). However, I think when they get to the landing page your hop ID still shows up, but it certainly makes linking look much nicer.
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    Thanks for sharing....will use.
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      Do bear in mind Emrom; that if you are using any form of cloaking of your affiliate links, you must make sure that you test every cloaked link in all of the main browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Apple Safari, et al) to ensure that it's you who will get the credit for the sale made from your cloaked links and not the product/service vendor.

      Just my thoughts and friendly advice,

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    307 redirects work well and give you basic tracking for free.

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    I believe Adrian Ling's product called "EasyClickMate" can hide that part for you.
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    If the merchant's affiliate software supports natural links then it is all hidden. You can simply just place normal links to any merchant website page normally and still all the visitors referred by you will be tracked. However, the affiliate domain must be entered (one time action from affiliate or merchant side taking max 5 minutes) as an verified domain in the merchant affiliate software.
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