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When you publish a new post on your blog and you want to send it out to all of the social networks, is there an easy way to do that? Instead of visiting 20 different sites and posting the link?

I tried this but it is confusing and doesn't appear to be what I'm looking for.

I forgot to mention, I'm looking for a free method.
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    I have no problem doing it with Ping.FM but you do need to spend quite a bit of time setting it up. Same thing with

    If you have problem with, have you tried Posterous. Doesn't cover as much as but in terms of ease of use, I like it.

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    Have you tried submitting it to stumble upon?
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    You may post it on your fan page, if you have several fans then you don't have to do it several times since that post will appear on their stream. You may also submit on bookmarking sites like digg, reddit and stumbleupon.
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    Stumbleupon is the be solution on it. Try it!
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      Hi there, how do you submit a url on stumbleupon?
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    You can use feedburner to send each blog post to Twitter. Then link up your Twitter account to Facebook and Myspace to automatically send the blog post link to these 2 sites also.

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    Try or They might be easier to set up than
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    you can use - they distribute to a smaller number of services, but it works.

    You could also take a look at hello.txt

    Alternatively, you can just search on google to see which social profiles allow you to add an rss feed - and then set them up one by one.
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    I'm surprised nobody mentioned onlywire
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      Originally Posted by shudogg View Post

      I'm surprised nobody mentioned onlywire
      Onlywire is not free but they do have a trial period.

      Originally Posted by swaffi View Post

      Hi there, how do you submit a url on stumbleupon?
      Log in to your stumble upon account and in the top right hand corner there is an option to add links.

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    You can also try Submit the link to your posts and others can post it to their social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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    You might try You can post from there. You have to log in with a twitter account because they are not accepting new subscribers right now, but you can get around that with you twitter account.
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    you can also hire someone from fiverr for only $5 to submit your posts to all social media sites and other directories as well.This is not a free way but time saver and very cheap.
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    i think stumble upon is the best site to submit posts
    submit there and you will get good amount of visitors
    you can also try
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    I used to ping each blog post but then I discovered the SocialBot from Incansoft. Now I am playing with another neat tool called SocialAdr. If I replace socialbot with socialadr succesfully I will see greater results.

    I saw some members recomended you to bookmark every url in digg. I do not agree with such a practice. I think it is better to keep the digg bookmarked urls to a minimum and for those to try and get as many diggs as possible. It's a matter of quality vs quantity.

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