Ha Ha .. YES !! It just clicked !!

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Hey warriors

Wow am I excited

Get this ... As many of you will already be following and know, I started my blog about 4 months ago

Since then have made around $4,000 ... Which by the way is the first time in all my time of trying that I have ever made any money online !!

So as you can imagine I thought I had cracked it... I thought everything had finally fell into place in my mind about what to do to make money online....

Until just minutes ago !!!!!!!

So Im just hoovering the lounge ( glamourous I know ) and all of a sudden something happened in my mind... Something that I believe is now going to take my business from where it is now to the $50,000 goal I set this year !

Just recently I have tasted some good money so my mind started to think about how to make more... Well this is BAD ! If you have every followed me or know what Im about I strictly state " DO NOT think about the money, focus on helping others and the money will follow"

But like I say I have noticed my mindset head that way, so much so I have a product planned on paper and know what Im going to do with it. This will make me money...

But this is where I now need to STOP !

Im chasing the money, Not good !

So what did I just realise ?? What just clicked in my mind ??

Well here it is ....

I just realised I need to put my main focus on building my list !!

Yes it just came to me.. Pow ! In the last 4 months I have built a steady list of just over 600.... But I just thought, hang on why make a product when I have a limited reach ??!!

So this is what I must now do and if my thoughts here help any one else then GREAT ... even better. The focus must go into list building AND relationship building with my list !!

Chances are now, that first product I had planned to take to market, Im now gunna develop and give away free to my list in a few months

Yes we all hear the money is in the list and I thought I understood that... After my little ' Ah Ha' moment just then I dont think I actually did.. But now I get it !!

YES !!!!

Hope you dont mind me sharing that with you all, I also hope it helps some of you realise what must be done !

Thanks Warriors, a LOT of my inspiration comes from you all !

Speak soon

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