Do You Know Your Skills And Limitations

by Steven Wagenheim 4 replies
Ideally, if you have the bucks, get other people to do EVERYTHING for you.

However, if you're just starting out or maybe don't have a lot of money for
outsourcing things, do you know what you're good at and what you suck at?

For example, here is my own personal evaluation of my own skills on a scale
of 1 to 5...5 being the best.

Article Writing - 5 - I know I can write a top notch article though at times I
admit I get lazy.

Copywriting - 3 - I'm a little better than average. I can write copy that sells.
I'm not Michel Fortin, but I don't have to be. My sales pages convert at
around 1% and I'm fine with that.

Product Creation - 5 - I've been told that my stuff is top notch, so who am
I to argue?

Software Creation/Installation - 2 - I'm almost as bad as you can get
without being a total train wreck. I know just enough to be dangerous.
Trying to create an FTP account for somebody in Cpanel was a major
chore. Talk about inept. I try my best to stay away from anything to do
with software.

Niche Research - 3 - I'm a little better than average but in no way consider
myself an expert, especially when it comes to finding long tail keywords.
I think a lot of it is out of laziness as I do understand the principles. The
process can just be so time consuming, at least to me.

Pay Per Click - 2 - Better than I was but by no means good enough to
risk lots of money on a campaign. This is an area that I either need to
spend more time on learning or just find somebody who actually makes a
living out of setting up campaigns for you. I'd think that kind of service is
damn expensive.

Web Design/Graphic Design - 2 - Shame on me for being this bad especially
when I had formal training in it, but I'm not visually creative. It's very hard
for me to come up with designs and layouts. Mostly I'll look at other sites
and get my ideas from them. But original thought? Forget it. At best, I
can see a design and make mine unique enough that it's my own, but it
never turns out anywhere near as good as the site I was using as a model.

There's other stuff, but that's pretty much the basics. As you can see,
there are areas I am very good at and areas where I suck. The things I
haven't mentioned, creative wise, I'm probably so bad at they're probably
not even a 1.

Point is, have you ever sat down and really evaluated your skills like this?
If you don't know what you can and can't do well, how can you run a
business? Sure, like I said, if you're loaded, you can just buy all your labor,
but if you have no money, you better be able to do some things. The
things you can do well, do them. The things you can't, outsource if you
can afford it.

So if you haven't done it, sit down and take stock of yourself. You may
find that areas where you're weak may very well be holding you back from
having the kind of success that you're looking for.
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    this is a great idea! been thinking of y own limitations as work increases and I have more freedom to pick and choose projects. example..I'm good at logo design, and have done over 975 of them but frankly, hate doing them, do I stop
    I hate wordpress themes, and have no desire to even learn how to do them, so I don't.
    Website re-design, love it, mini site design and ecovers/eproducts, love it. eCommerce sites, hate them.
    Good idea, I think i will think on some of this while at the gym!
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed. for sample works
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    for me it would be like this:
    article writing 4
    copywriting 2
    product creation...dont know yet cus ill i didnt launch my product yet
    software creation/installation - 5
    niche researching 2.
    pay per click 2
    web design /graphic design 5

    i could also add video creation and post-processing 5
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    • Profile picture of the author Bill Brickman
      Great post Steven.

      Perhaps the greatest lesson you provide for newer marketers is the realization that ALL of these things are important. Not just one or two of them.

      To focus on only one or two of them allows you to be a contractor/service provider. To focus on all of them (even if some are outsourced) allows for an actual business to be built.

      Bill Brickman
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      Great post Steven (as usual).

      Too often people try to do everything and they have no idea why they fail with certain projects or ventures.

      A major part of success is realizing one's strengths and weaknesses and then moving forward accordingly.

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