I paid for my prom tux, limo, dinner and hotel with IM and then...

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...And then 10 years later, I turned 28. Yes, todays my birthday. And I'm looking at the last 10 years in retrospect.

I got started selling penis enlargement pills, my first site was something to the effect of www.littleguy-gotbig.com (løl) and there's been at least 100 domains registered since that time.

I've used solid internet marketing principles to pay my bills, feed my dog and treat my girlfriends.

In the next 10 years I hope to continue to successfully apply the principles of IM to buy a house, invest in property and build a solid (not adolescent) financial portfolio.

It's my birthday today, but it's also a celebration for internet marketing. Spring's around the corner and 2012 will bring what no year before it has. In my life, and in the internet marketing community. Glad to be aboard!
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    It appears the little guy did get big...in more ways than one!

    No signature here today!

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      Originally Posted by Cataclysm1987 View Post

      It appears the little guy did get big...in more ways than one!
      Thats Funny thanks for the Laugh

      Back to OP
      Congradulations on your first 10 years and Happy Birthday

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    Congrats! Thanks for sharing this it brightened my day!
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    Happy birthday and best wishes for continued success!
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    I can bet the fundamentals of IM were the same back then as they are now.

    And I can assume will still be the same for the next 10 years to come.

    Happy Birthday, have a good one!
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    Happy birthday Studio13 . It sounds like you have made some great progress. Keep up the good work.
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    Yup — and guess what I'm spending my birthday doing? Addining content to my Optimize Press theme for an uncoming prelaunch event. LøL — Internet Marketing — One Love.
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