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I got an email from Tim Castleman today.
It got me to thinking about what the marketers
I considered friends had in common...

before I tell you...Let me explain what this means...

I open and read all their emails...
I have developed a strategy of only buying through their links...
I trust them...

Do you remember the story of the Velveteen Rabbit...
Yeah its really old school...
The rabbit became "real" because it was loved...

My friends like Tim Castleman, Mike Cowles, Charles Kirkland, Keith Dougherty, Travis Sago and Shawn have all made me feel real...

They make sure to respond to my emails and questions even when the answers were right there in front of me...
They respond to my questions on webinars...
The emails they send aren't always buy something...

They also have shown they really care about others and give back.

If your tired of being an invisible source of money I suggest working with these guys...

I'm thanking them for their help and friendship.
Letitia Rhodes
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    Great share. The moral of the story is to build trust and show that you are a real person who cares about who you market to.
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    This one really made me sit up and think about what I was doing.

    Thank you so much!
    'I Wanna Be A Millionaire!'
    The best millionaire magazine money CAN'T buy.

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    The key to emails is to really care about people are do everything you can to help.
    Every day Charles shares tips, strategies, and advice to help you start and grow your online business while avoiding the mistakes he made. Everything Charles writes is based on his own experiences building multiple successful businesses.http://charleskirklandcoaching.com/start-here/
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    Originally Posted by Letitia View Post

    They make sure to respond to my emails and questions even when the answers were right there in front of me...
    They respond to my questions on webinars...
    I think these two points deserve to be highlighted. Being accessible to your customers/potential customers can separate you from the typical "faceless" company.
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    Yeah alot of people are just faceless corporations out there. It's good to find someone (or some people) who will personally answer your emails and try to help you out.
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    It is very true. When I get an email from Tiffany Dow, Lisa Stoops, or Ruth P I always open them and I am much more inclined to buy things they suggest because they always respond to my emails and I've been able to interact with them on Twitter and forums. It builds trust. I know that they are online to make money, but I also know they actually want to help people because they've always gone out of their way to answer questions if I have them and respond to my messages.
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    Your points about Mike Cowles, Tim and Keith are so true. I would also add the James J. Jones who is also responsive to emails. He has personally responded quickly and provided quality service.
    All of these are very ethical marketers who treat their list as friends. And respond accordingly.

    [SIZE=1]Gail Grannum[FONT=Arial]

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    When I started Internet marketing a year and a half ago, so many people told me that it was ridiculous to respond to each and every email in a personal fashion....many warned against fatigue, overwhelm, etc...

    Well, thousands of subscribers/friends later......I still respond within 24 hours to anyone who emails because that is the way that I WANT TO BE TREATED.

    Time is money? Yeah, I think so...

    Have a great day.
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