Clickbank did not response to my re-issue check

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My check was re-issued due to lost. They told me it will be sent on next payout date. But I never receive them. It almost a month now I didn't get a single cent from Clickbank. My check was handled by one of the accountant. I sent email to and asking for the status but got ignored. I begin to distrust CB. I think it's because I live outside the US. The amount isn't much but it's my hard-earned money.

What should I do ?
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    Hey Alex,

    This thing happen to me also. That was my 1st check, they send to wrong address. i waited for 1 month but didn't received. So i contacted clicbank & ask for re-issue. After telling to re-issue, i got my check on next day from someone else from UK. he said in cover letter, this check was wrongly delivered to me.

    Some time your check may send to wrong address. I got my re-issued check after 12 days. Better keep contact with clickbank support. contact some other guys also in clickbank. Surely you will get your hard earned money.

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