Camtasia Studio 5 Question (About Recording)

by EdmundLoh 5 replies
I've been looking around Camtasia Studio 5's features but still am not able to find this.

I've learned I'm able to record anything that's happening on screen, even when I'm running a computer game. But what I'm trying to achieve is also record the audio and sound from the game itself, or more precisely, whatever that's happening on the desktop.

Is it possible for Camtasia to do that, or can it only record sound from external like microphone?

Could use some help from other Camtasia users. Thanks!

-- Edmund Loh
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    Hello Edmund!

    If you go into the audio options in Cam 5 and then go to Audio set up Wizard you are taken to a window where you can choose your audio device and recording source. If I remember correctly there is a radio button option for Speaker Audio (what you hear). Is that what you were looking for? Never used that myself, I have always just used the mic option for audio.

    Hope this helps!
    Good Luck!

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      Hi Mike,

      Actually that's just it.

      I went to Camtasia Recorder and then Tools > Options > Audio tab > Audio Setup Wizard.

      I chose recording source: Speaker audio (what you hear)

      Still doesn't play any sound after recording the screen -- whether it's MP3 music, the computer game itself, and playing some WAV files.

      I could use this feature (if it does have) from Camtasia because I do have some sounds in my computer that I'd like to have included in my presentation and video product. And also for other fun times like recording a sequence tutorial or strategy for the computer game I play.

      -- Edmund Loh

      -- Edmund Loh
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    Here you go:

    Screencaster #2

    The alternative is to use a male to male 1/8in jack to plug into your speaker phones out and plug the other end into your audio input using something like an iMic usb.
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      I had a similar issue... it took me a while that my on board sound card was not compatible to do so. I ended up buying a second sound card for like 50$ off of ebay - it worked for me!
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        Thanks Josh for the resource. Was looking through the 6-minute video.

        Wow, looks a wee bit complicated - not as easy as I thought. No wonder I couldn't get the thing working like I wanted. lol

        I don't even know my own sound card to begin with but I can figure that out. Thanks again!

        -- Edmund Loh
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