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Hey guys, I just have to rant for a second....

I have the best employees in the world. Now usually I could talk about them all day, but this one takes the cake:

I get an email from one of the programmers on my team saying:

"Hello Mr. Lancheres, can you please remove 4.5 hours from my billed time, I accidentally clocked more hours even though I wasn't really doing serious work"

How amazing is that? He logged in more hours than usual on my time tracking software, and he emailed me to let me know that I should delete 4.5 hours from his week!

I don't always check, so it might have slipped through... but it just lets me know that I can trust this guy to really do his work.

So if you haven't outsourced and you're trying to expand your company.... DO IT! You'll eventually build a kick ass team
#honest #workers
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    Thanks for the tip
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    Honest guy for sure! Wish I could say the same about the programmers I have worked with! lol.
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    Pay him 2.25 hours anyway :-)

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    Honest guy... good for you buddy. Keep him and treat him will because few workers are like that.
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    Any behavior you reward, you will get more of... Be sure to reward him. You want to keep getting behavior like this.
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    I think this guy might win employee of the month!
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    Yes, a lot of business owners tend to over look how valuable their employees are. Sometimes they even take them for granted. As soon as you do take them for granted, they leave to go find greener pastures. Keep them happy, and they will keep you happy.
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    Honesty is a good trait. That will pay off for him in the long run.
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    Honesty will always be the best policy.

    I think he did that because he knows that you are a good employer. A man reaps what he sows.
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    Wow... Your worker sure is honest ..
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    All of the outsources are more or less honest. but you won't believe that some of the employees sack or misbehave with their 1 year or older members just for simple mistakes. its not right. to save their 1$, they become so much aggressive sometimes.
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    honesty is the best policy!

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    Yes, well done with building stable professional relationship with your employees, am sure they appreciate it, as in this case!

    Now, not to stereotype, but where was this employee from (country)?
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      Originally Posted by princecapri View Post

      Now, not to stereotype, but where was this employee from (country)?
      I am keen to know about this as well.
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    Hooray there are still honest people in the world, its good to know
    keep a hold of that guy
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    Wow! Great to hear there are still honest workers. Look after him, he's worth a lot more than the 4.5 hrs he over-clocked.
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    This employee is def a keeper. How many of us would have been so honest?
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    I'd let him keep the work hours in exchange for the honesty.

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    would be good it feels to get a great team!
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