Why Every Visitor To Your Website Is Like Kim Kardashian With A Million+ Options

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(This is a long read but its worth it if you are confused to do with internet marketing)

In this thread I am going to compare marketing to dating. So in this example lets use you the marketer reading this as a pickup artist. Your Joe Blow and your target audience is Kim Kardashian. Even if you are a woman consider yourself a male pickup artist.

So you want to make sales online? Lets break this down step by step of what you will have to do...

You want to marry Kim Kardashian but she doesn't even know you exist. The first step is to find out where she hangs out. Use Quantcast, Alexa. Check out keywords to see what main pages are killing it in your niche.

Do some research on her and find out what types of men she usually dates. What types of pickup lines normally work on her. This is the equivalent to you finding out what has been working on your target audience. Mirror the results with your own special unique hook. Your USP.

Next you want to entice her with something that is going to blow her away. Your ad is your pickup line. Whether its a article, ppc ad, video, press release or forum post signature you want to make sure you catch her attention.

She will either ignore you or give you a few seconds to have your chance to appeal to her or get rejected. Your quick conversation once you have made your opening line will be your squeeze page.

You want to have a quick powerful conversation with Kim to entice her to want to hear from you again.
Kim is a busy women and she doesn't have much of a attention span. Deliver your message in 30 seconds or she might turn around and walk away.

Other pickup artists will try to go for the score before they even get the number. They will try to woo Kim into going on a date right then and there. Translation: You go directly from a advertisement to a sales page or content page with several articles and or videos. I personally will not let Kim out of my site without trying to get her phone number.

So right after you get Kim's phone number this is where you see if Kim is ready to let you perform your magic on her. You guys know what I mean. She has not had a good (Blank) in quite some time and you are just the man for the job. Before you even leave Kim's presence you ask her if she wants to go on a date right then and there. She might reject you but she might not. You take her to a sales letter/video filled with valuable content inside your presentation.

Nothing disrespectful about taking Kim out right then and there as long as you want to show her a good time. On this first date its going to tell Kim a lot about you. Are you just trying to have a one night stand or do you care about her needs and wants. She will sense it and it will affect if she even wants to see you again.

Some sales letters offer value some don't. The ones that do not are like a cheap date where the guy tells Kim everything she wants to hear to just get in her pants. Some of the Kim's that you go out with will be ready to let you seal the deal if your date was amazing and they have built trust with you. Most of the Kim's you go out with right after meeting them will not let you score the first night.

If Kim doesn't let you score don't worry about it. Good thing for you, you got Kim's phone number. Now here is where it gets good. You line up some incredible dates to really show Kim a great time. You have got your stellar email series all lined up with incredible content. Show Kim you really like her and want her to be happy. The better content you put in your emails the better those dates are.

So now you and Kim have been on 7 excellent dates over the last couple of weeks. You ask her if she wants to come inside and have a drink. She happily says "Of Course!" She let's you seal the deal because she trusts that you have her best interest at hand. She knows she will not just be another statistic but a potential long term relationship and maybe even marriage.

You show Kim the time of her life when she lets you have what's most precious to her. (You guys know what I mean) Translation for marketing - Her money. After you two do your thing you step up your game and give her even better content because you know she trusts you and really likes you.

Kim starts letting you have your way whenever you ask her upstairs. You guys are now going steady and you let her see all of your moves. You take her through all the upsells, backends, one time offers and recurring memberships that she can handle and she says yes to every single one.

You even invite her to meet all your friends and introduce her to your parents. Translation - She comes to one of your events and gets involved in your mastermind team. You and Kim are getting serious and her life has changed since she has met you. She is happier than she has ever been.

She is getting results with what you are giving to her. She is bragging to all her friends about you and they want a piece of you too. Translation - She is now your affiliate and doing a good job at it. You pop the question... Will you marry me Kim? She happily says YES! She agrees to your personal coaching at $10,000 a month because you have changed her life and she can afford it.

You and Kim live happily ever after because each day you wake up you think "How can I make Kim's life better than it already is..." You have a lifetime customer... The great part about internet marketing is you can have thousands to millions of Kim's and you are technically never cheating on any of them.
Will you be my Kim? Oh and by the way I think Kim Kardashian is drop dead gorgeous so that is why I used her as an example.
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