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For SEO purposes I'd like to use Google's "First Click Free" - but as far as I can see, only two membership scripts allow it:

Wordpress eMember

Am I missing any membership scripts?

Any comments regarding the pros/cons of using "FCF" for SEO purposes? I strongly suspect that the traffic you get from FCF is worth more than the occasional 'free' information that you'll give away...
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    First click free on the latest version of memberwing doesn't work. I emailed the developer Gleb and he is working on a fix but there is no timeframe as he is swamped with work. So if time is an issue you might want to try the other plugin. I also emailed Wishlist Member but it doesn't seem that they are interested in this feature which is unfortunate.
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    I actually ended up going with eMember - and would have certainly preferred Wishlist, simply because so many people swear by it - but the FCF feature was something I really wanted.

    Appreciate your thoughts...
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      Hi, can you update me on how you like eMember? I was considering it as well. Any issues? Is it easy to use?
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        I have used wp eMember and the FCF option works like a dream - I am dumbstruck why the other membership plugin providers do not offer this feature out of the box - it seems like a no brainer.

        I'm actually looking to switch to another plugin though, to get some functionality that wp eMember doesn't have (and since reading some comparison reviews have also become a little nervous about the long term viability of a plugin that you only pay for once - ie, will they be around in 3 or 4 years to still provide support or upgrades etc.)

        But the general lack of information about implementing FCF is also baffling. Google claim it's quite straightforward, but I'm not a serious coder (more cut and paste and trial and error) and there doesn't seem to be any detailed advice out there at all. If anyone does know how to implement FCF on a WordPress site, I'd love to know.

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