How do I know if the PLR is legal?

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I found a PLR site that is selling an PLR e-book, that I thought would be great for my list building. But the price seemed just too low ($2). So I did a bit of a research (not because I thought the book was illegal, but because I thought it probably is not good at all) to see if there are actually any reviews, and sure enough, there were tons of them. Except they all were promoting the e-book as Clickbank affiliates. I checked Clickbank, and the book is there, still selling for $77. And it certainly does not sell as a PLR. Clearly, the e-book on the PLR store, and probably the whole store is selling the PLR's illegally.
So my question is - how do I know if the PLR that I am buying is legal? In this case, the price was suspicious, but if they were selling it for $17, I would probably just buy it, as that would seem like a normal price. What other red-flags to look for when buying PLR content?
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    Why not contact the author and check the PLR license.

    If PLR was sold to the vendor who is now selling it for $2 and no minimum price was stipulated, then there may be nothing technically wrong. Morally and intellectually a bit stupid but not legally wrong.
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      It may be that the person doesn't have the right to sell PLR but it could also be that the Clickbank vendor also bought the PLR and then added it to Clickbank. There are a lot of products on Clickbank that began life as PLR.
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    Trying to hunt down the original source of the PLR to read the original terms does help...but at the same time it can make it a pain when trying to purchase PLR online. Why purchase PLR that's all over the internet to begin with?

    I usually like to stick with PLR sellers that produce their own PLR content...which is more exclusive. For number one, the plr isn't over saturated on the internet as long as they're not offering master resell rights or rights to resell the content as PLR. Number two, I can be assured that I have legal PLR rights.

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      Actually, I did not know it was all over the Internet at first, and as it turns out, it isn't (see my reply above).
      However, you are making an excellent point! Thank you.

      Originally Posted by RevenueGal View Post

      Why purchase PLR that's all over the internet to begin with?
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    Thank you for responding. I did check into it, and as it turned out, these are not the same e-books. The PLR seller was a bit shady, the book graphics look quite similar to the other e-book, and all they did was add "ing" to the verb on the title of the book. So these are two different products.

    Still, if anyone else wants to pitch in and discuss how to spot an illegal PLR (an illegal copy of an e-book that is simply being sold as PLR), it would be great.
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    Some people sell the rights to sell the PLR as PLR. Since its not the same book that may not be what happened her but don't assume just because you see the same book its fraud. I think its not wise to give the rights away to sell it as PLR (the PLR writer needs something exclusive!) but it can happen.

    Just a word of advice, if you see PLR super cheap, its probably crap. The going rate is $1 per page. That's still not much. Quality always beats price unless the price is just outrageous. PLR price never is. So go with paying a little more so you're getting quality PLR.
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    When it comes to PLR there is no specific standard. But legally you cannot copyright material that somebody else owns the copyright to unless they transfer it to you.

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    The seller might have also purchased it as Resell PLR, which means they could make a few changes and then sell it as PLR. They could have added it to Clickbank themselves also.

    Also, some people will sell an ebook like that cheaply just as a list-builder, kind of like the ultra-cheap packages here on the WF. So it doesn't necessarily mean that it was illegally obtained.

    If you're really concerned, all you can do is try to track down the author of the one you saw on Clickbank and see if you can get an answer. They may even have purchased it from someone who had purchased it as Resell PLR and then sold it as PLR - if you want to get really confused!

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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