Need Article Directory Websites List

by web331
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I need article directory list if anyone have please share with me
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      Note a couple of things about the list Mike kindly offered above, though ...

      1. Many of the sites on that list are actually not article directories at all (this is of enormous significance if you're wanting to submit articles to them, because their terms of service, policies, procedures, functions and purpose are also totally different from those of an article directory);

      2. The "page rank" figures given on that list are of almost no relevance at all, because they're just the page ranks of those sites' own home pages. (Your articles there, just like mine and everyone else's, won't be submitted to their own home pages, of course, so they don't mean much! Directory articles go on their own newly-formed PR-0 pages).

      I suspect this post (and perhaps post #6 of the same thread) may help you quite a bit:
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    Alexa is giving away gold nuggets yet again.

    Ezinearticles have had the floor break beneath them from their rankings and many of the other directories out there. But even if you are still doing article directories, you are probably only going to get use from posting to either EA, goarticles and articlebase but even so..... I would think EA out of the three would be worth it.

    EA has lost alot of power and rankings, and I have over 1600+ articles sitting on EA that have lost their juice. Alexa has explained this in pure detail.

    I would not be looking at page rank at the the other 49 directories to spam, you need to totally change your mentality and work out how to put an original (non spun) HIGH QUALITY article infront of a larger audience in your niche. Yes I said HIGH QUALITY...... that is what you want to do.

    spamming article directories with mediocre page rankings is not ARTICLE MARKETING it is called directory spamming.

    One high quality article placed or syndicated properly can have the effect of about 100 articles in a directory. Actually probably even more, if you are sending your readers to an optin page and marketing to them properly. That last bit is what I would be calling proper ARTICLE MARKETING!

    No need to spin and spam directories, you will just be spinning your wheels doing that. Just saying.
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    You're better off scraping them yourself. The lists out there will be outdated, from websites that used to be relevant and aren't anymore and such.

    If you're doing it for backlinking remember to backlink those first tier links. If it's to grab people's attention and get traffic, perhaps checking the Alexa ranking of them would be the best option for you.
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