Clickbank vs DigiResults vs PayDotCom vs JVzoo vs Plimus

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Hey guys,

We're considering moving one of our products to a managed affiliate program where there are already many affiliates. We're thinking about:

Affiliate-Wire , JVzoo , DigiResults , PayDotCom

Which one (besides Clickbank b/c we already know about them) do you recommend?

Who has the most affiliates (besides Clickbank)?
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    I tried to check on Google search results but I do not know if that info is available. I know that Clickbank is crushing all of them. Paydotcom is very well known. The only other network I have heard of is Jvzoo.
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      Originally Posted by jamesrich1 View Post

      Clickbank is crushing all of them..
      That was my acknowledgment too. I know this post is old, but even today when I did a search in Google for the 'top list of affiliate programs", Clickbank was within them all, and no sign of JvZoo or WarrirorPlus.
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    My opinion? Too often we look at things like this and try and choose one option but why does it only have to be one? Wouldn't you attract more affiliates and more sales if you listed your product in multiple marketplaces? Yes, you sure should. So why limit yourself to just one of them?
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    well ive just added my new product to digi results

    digi results is getting much bigger and is a good affiliate network with good support

    they have some other cool features too which can be linked to a WSO so the affiliate still gets the commission if they end up buying your WSO from here

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    Not a big fan of Plimus. DigiResults has higher fees (+$0.50/transaction) than JVZoo, but I like the checkout on DigiResults better. Both of those do instant commissions.

    With PayDotCom you have to manage the affiliate payouts yourself. For that reason I don't recommend them.

    Clickbank, of course, is king.
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      You bring up a great point about using multiple platforms; however, won't affiliates not like that? For example, they go to but decide to go to the homepage and order from a JVzoo page the affiliate looses the commission. What are your thoughts?

      also, do any of them have 1 click upsells like clickbank?
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    Jvzoo has a comparison sheet you can look at here:
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      Originally Posted by Joshua Rigley View Post

      Jvzoo has a comparison sheet you can look at here: Compare to Clickbank and the rest of the Competition
      Most comparison charts make me laugh. When have you ever seen anyone mention a feature they do not have in a comparison chart? Comparison charts are designed for one thing only - to make that company look superior to the others by outlining what they do and what the others don't do. But those other companies could easily create a comparison chart that highlighted what they do and the other companies don't do.

      My point: do your own thorough research.
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        If you are looking for the most affiliates nothing even comes close to Clickbank. Clickbank is on it's whole own level in terms of amounts of affiliates. 90 percent or more of the affiliates don't know what they are doing and are worthless though.

        I have several successful products on Clickbank.

        I just listed my first product on Digiresults and let me tell you I'm highly considering switching all of my products to Digiresults.

        Here are the 4 HUGE reasons.

        1. Product Approval! I have dozens of Clickbank products. I set up a new Clickbank account (which cost money) for every new product. I am sick of the product approval process and Clickbanks ever increasing regulations.
        2. Instant Payments! Wow it's so much nicer then Clickbank.
        3. Affiliate Relationships! You can actually contact your affiliates and have the relationships with them. I would rather have 10 affiliates I could have a relationship with, than 100 Clickbank affiliates. This is so important.
        4. Lower Refund Rates! Much lower refund rates, Clickbank really screws you on the refunds. I always thought it, but now that I'm using Digiresults I'm starting to know it.
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    Still see some people making big money on CB offers, they got a bad rap there for awhile with all the junk they allowed out, but still some great products there to promote.
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    digiresults lets you use CB, digi results, and paydotcom. They use a script to direct traffic to the correct sales page based on what affiliate link the user comes to the site from.

    Thus CB affiliate link referrals only see a CB buy button.
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    The best i know of are CLICKBANK and JVZOO
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    Big Money, thanks for that nice detailed post. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates that perspective you gave.

    As a product creator getting ready to release things, this is exactly the type of info I've been trying to collect. From your post, it sounds to me like Digiresults and JVZoo both will be the way to go for me.
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    There are a few good networks around and there is no reason to limit yourself to just one.
    I know a lot of big JV partners like to use Digiresults Lately.

    Kind regards
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        Originally Posted by Joe Lumbergh View Post

        Why would you ask that in this thread?? Its obviously a scam and dont put your email in there. And you are probably the creater of the site..

        Yes he just hijacked a three year old thread to spam his link and you helped him by reposting the link.
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    Instead of just suggesting various affiliate/vendor platforms, I would like to see things you don't like about each platform and things you do like about each platform.

    Tell us why you prefer one platform over another.

    Will gave the best advice, which is to list your product in all of them. How hard would it be to copy a sales letter and put it up online with a different order button.

    Steve Yakim
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