How Do You Find/Get Affiliates???

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Hello all,

As the title says, How do you find/get affiliates?

And before the replies start coming about ClickBank, Commission Junction or any other number of affiliate networks, I'll say I'd rather stay away from those and recruit "independent affiliates" if that makes any sense.

So I suppose I should reword my question a bit and define its parameters...

How can I find/get affiliates without turning to an affiliate network?

Thanks in advance!!!

And remember WYSIWYG
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    I realize you may have your reasons for avoiding the bigger affiliate networks, but the reason they are so big is the fact that they have well converting offers, and you can depend on them for payout. If you try to go with smaller, unknown firms you are risking not getting paid out, improper tracking of sales, etc.

    The only way to really try to avoid the networks would be to market your site well to the niche you are targeting, and place a few empty ad blocks on the site that states "This block for sale" and see if you can get people to pay you to have their ad on your site. This is going to be much more difficult than an ad network, but it will help ensure that you get paid for your site's ranking.
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      I think you are misunderstanding what I'm asking. I don't want to join an affiliate network as an affiliate (as I already am signed up to a few) but rather how I can find affiliates to promote MY product or service.

      And I'd like to do that without going through the bs that comes along with submitting to affiliate networks.
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    Create an affiliate sign up page, and submit your affiliate program information to the affiliate directories.
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    I recommend bringing some value to the table before you begin: Know your EPC to cold traffic, have some tools, swipes, banners, rebrandable e-book for your affiliates, etc. Make sure you have a unique selling point of why affiliates promoting your competitors should promote you.

    Whether you are paying 75%, you have a higher EPC or you have 3 months of autoresponders ready you need something to make you special. Find the affiliates by looking up the top keywords and contacting the people on the first page who are already in a position to make immediate sales.

    Same thing with the PPC advertisers. It might be better to stick with a established network like Clickbank. Mack Michaels has over 10,000 affiliates on Clickbank. He is a multimillionaire and he sticks with Clickbank. Clickbank is the most known affiliate network and its extremely easy to promote any product.

    Plus if you get your product on a top ten page for a category that's massive exposure. That is my 2 cents...
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      I enjoyed your 2 cents. I would really prefer to stay off of ClickBank for now. It's a hassle I am avoiding as long as possible.
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        Originally Posted by LWYSIWYG View Post

        I enjoyed your 2 cents. I would really prefer to stay off of ClickBank for now. It's a hassle I am avoiding as long as possible.
        No one ever said building a business was "hassle-free." The pros who are living the life that most won't have are doing the things that most won't do.

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    Why do you prefer to stay off of Clickbank?
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      I've done a couple products through CB in the past and it was just simply a hassle. Plus with our new "product" it's definitely not your typical ClickBank type product. So, with the pain I endured in the past and the actual product itself, I think I should try finding "independent" affiliates.
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    Well the pain might of been a good thing for you. You learned a lot about what not to do. As far as it not being a product suited for Clickbank... They have so many different types of unorthodox products that just about anything fits on Clickbank.

    At the end of the day you do what you feel is going to get you the best results. You seem dead set on not going with Clickbank. I will not try to stand in your way. Lol, I tried. There are tons of marketers highly successful with independent affiliate programs.

    I really like your website. Attractive and easy to understand from first glance. Your 4 step process is simple yet very effective for those using SEO for traffic.
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      Thank you!

      We worked really hard on it. Do you see what I mean by it's not a typical CB product though?
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    Instead of telling you about CB i'll just help you with your question.

    First and easiest thing to do, is to post in the warrior JV section with a special offer for people form WF that promote you.

    Second thing is, seek out a web development company that offers the service of affiliate recruiting. Yes there are companies out there that do this for you.

    Third thing is, perhaps you want a small number of super affiliates? This is my best tip for you or anyone that doesnt want to be on a network for their products. Contact web development companies, or seek out capable individuals in your niche. (maybe one with a successful affiliate blog or minisite). Offer them a partnership based on performance. These people will have the firepower and tools to promote you. Tell them that your offer is, not only do they get a percent of each sale, but you are closing off the market to everyone else. This way they dont have a whole bunch of other competition and customers will be mostly buying through their links, as they are the sole promoters. This maximizes their profit potential. I suggest you get a select 3-5 individuals/companies to promote you. Plus, they get direct access to the product owner, which they wouldn't get in a affiliate marketplace.

    You would be surprised how many people accept this offer.

    Also as a form of payment for each of I use rapid action profits because it causes the least hassle and everyone gets their money right away, but that's up to you.

    Hope this helps and if you need anything else go ahead and PM me or reply, I like to help.
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    Google the main keywords to whatever niche you are in. It will bring up websites in your niche and then, you invoke the greatest success principle of all ask! Ask if they are interested in promoting your book or writing a review, etc.
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