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Last month my back hit the wall and I needed a new profession. My child need a house and my family needs the best out of life. I decided to join internet marketing industry and make money comfortably. My first site is up please give me insight on anything. I'm a willingness learner and would love to take notes on feedback.
The site is
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    The site needs content and to have good on page seo for particular keywords.

    What is your daily traffic? Because if it is low then there are no needs for ads. I would advise taking some of the ads down if not all. It looks very clunky. But definitely a great first attempt. Keep working at it.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    Whats with the SiteLock Secure on top of the page ?

    If your going after SEO traffic remove the ads before you get descent ranking.

    Actually remove all ads and only leave text links with cloaked affiliate links.

    Add more content. Site looks good. You're finished with the easy part , now the hard part starts. Traffic and conversions.
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    I'd have to agree with what lileyobs had to say regarding layout, paragraphs, etc. and it is great that you took action.

    But what action are you wanting your visitors to take? It's hard to follow.

    Keep refining it. You're on the right track!

    Good luck!

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    For layout try the Weaver theme. Or "grey matter 2". Both are free.

    For ads... as mentioned, your cart is in front of your horse... traffic monetized with ads is worth, MAYBE $4 / 1000. You'll be lucky to drive 500 a month in your competitive niche. Is $2 a month going to feed the kids? Probably not.

    You need to REFINE your plan in two directions.

    FIRST: traffic = niche focus plus rankings. You will NEVER (and I say this the same as I tell people they will never win the lottery) rank for weight loss. Never.

    Do your keyword research. Find some obscure micro focused subset of weight loss that nobody is focusing on. Reduce the scope of your focus to just that niche and research and write about that laser focused subset of weight loss.

    SECOND: Monetization: find products that people who are interested in the micro focused subset WILL want and WILL buy, and learn to write SALES copy to sell them the products. These will usually be affiliate offers.

    Finally, honestly, weight loss is soooo competive, I don't know if there are any micro niches left undeveloped? If anything, buy a fiverr gig on for keyword research and see what they have to tell you. But I really think your best bet is to take what you've learned and try again with something else. Anything else. (Unless you can pull a magic weight loss niche out of your hat like "weight loss while commuting by bicycle" that meets the criteria below.)

    "Everyday Saris" "New Delhi Ride Sharing" anything where there is all of the following: "demand" in terms of search volume, "low competition" in terms of serps and seoc, and "profit" to be made if you produce good copy that converts.
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