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I see a lot of chatter here about Fiverr is definitely a great place to get services for cheap. I always like to keep my options open, so here are some sites that are similar to Fiverr. Maybe you can offer your services, or find a better gig at one of these sites.

1) 5rr- offers gigs in $5 increments up to $25.

2) Goferr- offers gigs for $25

3) Jobsfor10- offers gigs from $5 to $20

4) Task Army- more pricey, but also more involved tasks. Many gigs here you will not find at Fiverr.

5) Zeerk- gigs from $2 to $100.

6) Gigbucks- gigs from $5 all the way to $100.

7) Fittytown- feels similar to Fiverr, but gigs are $50.

8) Hundoville- gigs for $100.

9) Tenbux- gigs for $5 and $10.

10) JustaFive- gigs for $5, $10 and $20.

11) Twentyville- gigs for $10 and $20.

12) DoozyDoes- gigs from $5.77 to $100.77. Proceeds going to help animals.

13) Fourerr- just like fiverr, except (you guessed it) gigs are $4.

14) GigMe5- identical to Fiverr.

I hope this helps someone.
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