help on affiliate marketing?

by Kange
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In simple terms how does affiliate work, what do you need to do to get started, how does it benefit your website etc

thank you
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    Affiliate marketing is selling someone else's product and taking a commission the advantage is that you do not have to create your own product, sales page, content etc. THe dis advantage is that you do get receive 100% of the profits usually affiliates get 50% to 75%

    Hope this helps.
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    Also,Sometimes you are being an affiliate to Amazon,Ebay,etc..(Physical Products)Which are less competetive But the commission usually stands on a 5%-15% rate.

    What you need to get started is:

    A.A coach\A program to follow and Consume the knowledge.
    B.Resources and tools to apply the methods, usually all you need is:
    1.web hosting(paid)
    2.domain name(paid)
    4.An account on an affiliate program(clickbank,amazon,etc..)[free]
    5.content(free or paid)
    6.Traffic(Again, [Cost] Free or paid)
    7.Keyword research & Niche Research(Extremely Time Consuming or Paid)

    If you found a program that provides Information on all of the above, Apply it and start making money.

    BONUS- As an amazing addition to affiliate marketing you can build a list To Promote more affiliate offers to them for "years" to come.

    for that you will need:
    1.squeeze page/optin box on the sales page(Design,Scripts,Autoresponder account)
    2.Something valuable to offer for free(or just an optin box inside your sales page)
    3.targeted traffic( [cost] free or paid)

    Hope this helps,Now go make money will ya?
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    Essentially you're a 100% commission paid sales person.

    Sometimes you get commissions for referring a lead, sometimes you get commission if someone buys a product and sometimes you paid a commission for an action (that might be downloading software for example).

    You have a personalised referral link for the product you are promoting and your (main) job is to get as many people to click on that link as possible. Most people get clicks on their links through websites, inside ebooks, using email lists or paid advertising.

    Of course there's a little more than just getting people to click on a link... you want to get people interested in buying that product to click on your link.

    Hence the reason that building niche sites and getting them to rank in Google is so popular (eg. build a website on how to get pregnant and provide affiliate links within the content).
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    start the basic by learning how to create a squeezepage, and then drive traffic to your squeezepage, build a list, beacuse the money is in the list
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    What exactly was the question?

    You being an affiliate marketer, or you gaining affiliates to market your product/service/website?
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    You don't need much to get started. Heck, you could get a blog, sign up for clickbank/amazon/commission junction/paydotcom/adsense... drive traffic to your niche blog, and start getting adsense clicks, affiliate clicks, and eventually sales. But you will need alot of traffic, and a strategic positioning of the products and adsense code on your blog.

    But... this is a 100% free way to make money with affiliate programs and adsense. But if you want to make your blog look more professional, you should consider purchasing a domain name, to make your blog URL take the title of your domain name.
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