What I learned from IM and my life.

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This is all I know about IM:

1.Find a niche.

2.Build a website.

3.Lead traffic to your site or your landing page.(But in fact I don't figure out what different between landing page and squeeze page)

4.Build your list.

5.Use an autoresponser to build relationship whith your list.

But the devil is in the details, your traffic must be targeted traffic. And your list should be real buyers, not only visitors.

The most important of all is that I found that it's all the same no matter what you do.

At first I always doubt myself, I thought too much to do right things.

And then I spend a lot of time to collect imformation, even I had enough imformation.

Finally, I did with doubt and fear. I learned somthing from what I did.

In sum, no matter what you want to do or learn. Remember this you had enough ability about it, just do it. Even you don't have enough ability, you also could learn something from what you did. Start with small steps, and then speed up as possible as you can.
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    Yeah, nike were right; just do it.
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    Of course once you get these done, you'll now move on to split-testing, back-end sales funnel, jv partnerships, launching membership sites and high-ticket coaching products.

    IM is actually an ongoing process. You'll only get better with practice and implementing what you read, observe and hear. In other words, taking action.

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    Some very valid points mentioned above - TARGETED Traffic is a must, you could be a thousand hits a day but if they are not interested in your niche then your wasting your time!

    Building a list is fundamental - but yet so many neglect this in the beginning. Good to see you building your business in the right manner from the ground up.
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    Yes, the devil is in the details..
    it`s better if you have a buyer list...
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    Sure spelled out what many people do. Think it's difficult not to doubt, and it can stop you in your tracks. information overload is defiantly another stopper.
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  • One thing that I had to master and all the first coaches I had stressed that is to focus and not get distracted. I also noticed that all successful people are very focused.

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