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Hey all,

I posted on here a few days about my website and gave some stats. I wanted to put in a little more stats here to see what you guys think.

I have a website that is in the golfing market. It ranks 6 out of 16 million in Google for a certain keyword which is in fact the domain. It is made with Word Press.

My website is set up so whenever they go they either sign up or they leave essentially. I say you can get 7 free lessons on your golf swing if you sign up and inform them they will have to confirm the email to get their 7 lessons. Then they get an email that has the 7 lessons and at the end of each lesson they have a link in which they can buy the product, an instructional DVD.

Okay. First off I have had 187 unique visitors and I started advertising for this about a week ago. I have 31 subscribed, 3 unsubscribed and 6 that have yet to confirm and 5 haven't confirmed in a few days.

The table below is a report from AWeber.

I have yet to record a single sale.

Is the above info a sign that this is going to be unprofitable or do I need to continue to give it more time and tinker with emails as well as the website.

Do you think that the way the website is set up should be changed? Perhaps only make the list an option and promote the DVD on the website directly?

If there is anymore info that y'all need to help let me know. I would just like some feedback here.


EDIT: Sorry the table messed up
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    Could be a classic case of attracting the wrong kind of visitors. What I mean is, if you're bringing people in by offering freebies, they might not be candidates to buy. You might try targeting your ads more toward buyers, or if you're just getting traffic from organic search engine results, place what you're selling more prominently on the landing page. Alternatively, you might think about giving away just one freebie that holds back a lot of the really good info, and end that freebie with a strong call to action to get them to buy the DVD.

    Best of luck with it.

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    What is the domain?

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    Yeah I was afraid I was attracting the wrong people considering the 3 people that unsubscribed did so after receiving the free lessons. Doesn't help most the advertising I do tends to say seven free lessons if you sign up.

    Would you suggest offering the DVD on my website and then as a back end having people subscribe?

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    Anybody else?
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    Graphicsgenie I just PMed you back.

    If anyone else wants to take a look at it just let me know whether PM or post and I can PM it to you. Prefer not to just put it up here.
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    Ill give it one last try here. Any one else?
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