How much learning involved to make my website go from this to this (examples)

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Going to be as clear as clear can be. I know how to program tables and basic html for websites. But in the large scope of things I am nowhere even close to a pro.

In fact I hate this last website I made.

I started working for a real business. Said I can do websites, finding out that I'm wasting entirely too much time on them now. Although my main job at this company wasn't websites. I mainly do lead gen all aspects of it (google places, direct mail, facebook, etc). Figured I would just do websites too because I suck at outsourcing things.

So here you go, this is probably my 6th website ever built in my life, first 1 for this company specifically. I hate it: All County Waterproofing

keep in mind I launched that as a template and planned on redesigning a lot of things. Actually I already removed the banner and top white space. I'm changing the color of the form, and removing the forms border cause it looks cheap.
Picture of the woman is blurry, where the customers are right now and shoutbox I'm taking that all out and putting a video. Also put rain over NJ too just havened uploaded the "better version". Overall I'm still just wasting too much time.

The form alone about 30 hours and can't get it to send emails.

So I'm not charging the owner for this site and explained how I should have gotten someone else to do it.

My question is this. I want to make something close to this site:

Pure Service Pro – Water Damage, Mold Testing, Mold Remediation & Fire Restoration | Mold, Water & Fire Restoration Specialist CALL US NOW! (877) 825-3841 We will clean it up!

I don't know how to do text in slide shows (like where a box comes out then you can click on the box) and don't know how to do really any fancy stuff.

I use dreamweaver right now and was thinking of moving to wordpress which I think might be easier to finish something quick.

ORRRR should I just pay someone else to do it which is what I'm thinking would be the smartest decision. I like to have faith in my ability to learn, but this needs to get done sooner than later. I need to focus on lead gen and this has been taking far too much time.

My question now I suppose would be what would you do? For the more experienced marketers on this forum.

will shows thanks for answers btw!
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    I didnt know web designers still existed.

    just use a WP template dude.
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    Thats what I was thinking say I get a theme like the second site I linked. Would it be hard to go into that theme and make the site with my own pictures/text/links?

    I've never messed with wordpress. I'm thinking I should just install wordpress, buy a theme, then change it. I rarely mess with websites overall, so how hard is it to change wordpress themes? In dreamweaver I always worked with tables, but am learning how limited it is working like this.

    Its wordpress layed out in a way where changing things is easy?
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    Get Wordpress, use the default theme and play around with it for free. Will take you a few days to learn, but it does the job just fine

    Check out my blog where I talk about building Amazon and Adsense Niche Websites.

    Over 800 Amazon Reviews for $1 - No way?

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    Yeah, example 2 looks like a modified template, there are loads of them out there, depending on your level of technical knowledge.. find one that fits aesthetically and populate it with the company's info and photos.... I have designed sites for years, but now choose to outsource the site building or use modified template's for simple websites like these...
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    TO get it done quickly, go to Themeforest, pick out a nice theme.

    Then use something like JotForm for your form. The reason I say JotForm is because just the standard php form sends an email. Jotform gives you drag and drop form builder and a dashboard to manage submissions and multiple forms. We have just purchased the software to offer our customers and they love it.

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    Ok THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone this will be my new way of working now.

    I still can't get over how much time I wasted trying to design a crappy website that wound up looking godawful.

    Let this serve as a reminder to anyone who thinks they can custom build a website from scratch... and has very little experience, DO NOT EVEN TRY.

    Feel so relieved now and thanks all for the help! Installing word press right now. =]

    ps. some of these themes are INCREDIBLE. Never ever ever again for $35 I could have saved the last 7 days of my life. Live & learn I guess.
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    I took a look at the source code for you. The 2nd link is a WP site, Here is a link to the exact theme they are using... WordPress - Paradise Premium WP Theme | ThemeForest

    Hope this helps

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