Making money on a front end offer?

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I'm always reading about how it is difficult to profit from a front end sale and how it is considered good if you can break even as long as you capture an email.

Has anyone had consistent success profiting on a front end sale? If so, what are some good strategies to do this?

Surely people have made money off of a product and a good sales page yet it is almost never mentioned. Thank you.
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    Succsess doing it ? Yes. The best results were through striking JV deals and running Wso's.

    Good Luck!
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    Yes, you can make money on the front end but you have to keep in mind that you also have to advertise.

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    If you are buying traffic it is not easy to profit on the front end. You will usually brake
    even or be close. The real strength of the list is profiting on your back end offers.

    Also, one danger from including an offer on the "thank you page" is that people might
    click on the offer and then forget to confirm subscription and/or not buy. So, it's nice
    to make some money on the front end but it has its drawbacks.
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      Yes you can make money on the front end and in most cases that is part of the normal business model.

      I think the concept of "break even/make money on the backend" has been driven by advice to people who believe they have failed because they did not make money on the front end.

      AdWords traffic is a prime example where a newbie/amateur would be doing well to break even as they would be competing against high level professionals.

      So if you launch a product and you only make back exactly what you spent to do that (and you captured emails) then you are building a FREE buyers list. That would be the dream of many people to achieve that but often it is viewed (wrongly) as failure.

      In many cases you may want to do both. When using affiliates for instance. With a good high priced product you may be able to give 50% to affiliates and still take it atempting deal for them. On lower priced products you may want to offer higher commissions (even 100%+) to keep affiliates engaged and focus on building your list.
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    Ahh, Yes, front end offer not just breaks even, does lot over that. Get a good pricing strategy & the other hand you are getting leads also.
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