What do I use to do this?

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I want to be able to send a daily email (newsletter?) with one of 365 pre written messages to my list (when i ever build the daggone thing) each day..... How do I do this? Is there a program to download or online service?

Also, as the list grows I want the email to be catered to each person so that a newly enrolled list member starts with message #1.

Does my description make sense?
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    You would want to use an autoresponder service like Aweber.

    You just load your messages into the online form in your account and select which day the first message goes out and the next ,the next, and so on.

    So anybody who subscribes to your list will be automatically set for each message to be sent to them starting with the first message.

    Frank Bruno
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    For that you need autoresponder from aweber or getresponse etc. from that you can send email to your list as well create your list

    (Because I am 12 years Old... Well, soon, anyways)
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