How To Create Demand (Need your tips)

by Goath
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I am in this internet world for 7 years now and I thought I am ready to launch a internet marketing product in The Netherlands - that's where I am from..

The problem is only that almost nobody knows something about SEO, making money online - so making a product about that will not attract a lot of people, simply because they don't know where I am talking about..

So... I wanted to "create the demand for my make money online product"..

There is only one problem: a lot of people will think it's impossible. How can I convince them? Do you have any kind of advice or tips..

Or better, a great example of someone in the US/UK has done this?
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    I don't really feel that internet marketing products are confined by borders like that. Maybe there are limits by language, but I still wouldn't say I'm launching a product "in a country". Don't limit yourself.

    SEO is not exactly a household term in the United States, or, for that matter, anywhere else. I think you'd be surprised to discover that other people from the Netherlands have also discovered IM.

    And convincing somebody that I can help them make money online is no different than convincing them that I can help clear up their acne, or teach them how to build workbenches, or show them how to lose weight, or make them more successful with women.

    It's just another niche product. Treat it that way.
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    Hey Goath...

    Don't underestimate people. They might know more than you think. Besides, what's limiting you to selling only in the Netherlands? The whole world is your marketplace. If you come up with someting of value and promote it properly you don't need to sell just in the Netherlands, it will sell everywhere. Good luck.
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    Why not find where the demand is and go after it?
    If your going to do offline stuff try looking for business that already have a website set up as an example then go after the ones that don't.

    So if you see some dentists do have sites-- its a pretty good chance that you will find others that don't have websites and might be interested-- and that's where you come in!

    Also try this approach I have found to be very effective...When you approach a Business make a deal with them it should be something like this:

    I will Build you a website for your business and will guarantee you more Business you don't pay unless you see results if they you don't take it say that your going to hit the same business and offer the same thing since it's only possible for one business only.

    Tip: you can also have them sign up for Hostgator under you Aff. Link!
    and off-course make it WP site !

    Good Luck!
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    Hi Kal and everybody,

    I don't underestimate the people. Of course a lot of people are trying to make money in the Netherlands from the internet, but there are not a lot of internet marketing products out there. Here in the US/UK there a bunch of them and the competition is strong and I think further than I am, but in the Netherlands I think I can really make a difference to people's live - at least if I am communicate the right way to them and approach them the right way..

    My english is also not so good, that's why I particularly avoid doing business in US/UK..
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    Internet products are, by definition, not local. Your entire premise is flawed.
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      Simple prove it works...

      Do you have a video or screen shot that proves it works?
      Always remember seeing is believing.

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      Originally Posted by SamJ View Post

      Internet products are, by definition, not local.
      A product is how you want it to be, not how a definition says it (not that it would be an official definition of it, anyway).

      There are local products sold on the internet, because they appeal just to an area, or group of people (i.e. country). So if I'm selling an eBook on how to make Dutch people improve their English, I don't think it's appropriate for French people, is it?

      Sure, they can be bought by people all around the world, but if you really want to make it local, you can make it that only credit cards from a specific country can be used to purchase it.

      Also, look at I'm from outside the UK, so when I try to access the "Shop" section, it shows me the following message:
      Thanks for visiting the O2 Online Shop

      Unfortunately, we are unable to sell to countries outside the UK.
      On topic:

      Goath, why don't you teach them what SEO is and their benefits, and at the end of the presentation, make your sales pitch?

      Be sure to tell them what they're missing out. If you do it right, I don't see why there would not be an increase in demand.

      The key is to condition their minds that SEO is incredible (even if they didn't know it until now), and then tell them you have a solution for them so they can have incredible results too. If you don't do it, why would they buy since they don't consider SEO something important/worthwhile?
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    I think, You Can Search in Google Keyword Tool about Your Country Demand...

    After That....You Can Outsourcing to create demand product...

    this oustsourcing place that I know.


    Okay.... I hope this information help you.... Ganbatte...
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    Hi Goath

    I am not sure what you mean by creating demand, usually if there is not a product or service in the marketplace it usually indicated that there is a good reason why. Your ticket to getting sales and finding a unique why people are less responsive in the Netherlands, and finding an effective way around their criticism.

    A way around it is to remove the risk. A company in Norway grow fast by offering to offering separate monitoring of electricity. If there is a difference between what the client is paying and what they should the difference is split 50/50. With that deal there is nothing to loose.

    Regarding SEO services and making money online, it might be worth while to instead target business owners, or SEO agencies, professionals in the Netherlands and see if you can offer a results based payment model.

    Also, online the big issue is credibility. Testimonials are faked, there is often no on-ground presence. You can be different by getting press-releases, reviews, and offer the product/service to targeted recipients in return for testimonials with their details, and give address details. Ask yourself, what does trusted companies in the country do to come across better?

    But generally, I think a better market would be to target professionals if the general public is not open for it.

    Bjarne Viken
    Conversion Strategist

    Skype: bjarne.viken | | LinkedIn: | | Free consultation:

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    I am getting pretty good advice here.

    Thanks, it inspired me and by reading your comments my idea to create a product around internet marketing gets shaped..

    Thanks for your input..

    Also, I think a country is not local, it's on national base. It's because I think I can make a difference there, because not a lot of people are teachting Internet marketing over there (just 2/3 players)
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    I would try to focus on educating instead of pitching.

    Examples: Like using the product to good use, and give a reason to maybe consider that service.
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    I wouldn't try to "create" demand.

    Besides- as some people said- don't underestimate what people may know.

    And- again, already said- the whole world can be your marketplace, don't limit yourself.
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