How quick does your site load?

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Hey Warriors,

I haven't started a thread in a while but I had to share something that may or may not be known, but for those like me who didn't know this until recently, it will definitely help your web business.

CloudFlare is the name of this company that helps you "protect and accelerate your website."

I'd hate to explain the detailed process of how it works myself so go visit their homepage for a better explanation of their service. (just add .com)

But you simply just sign-up (free account) or pay a subscription for added benefits, configure some settings (takes less that 5 min) and your done.

Let me tell you, I instantly saw the difference, once my account got setup.

I upload a lot of pictures so naturally it would load slow on some computers unless they have cable.

With web browser attention span average being less than 5 seconds, its critical to have your web loading speed on point.

If I visited a site, and it took forever, no matter who the company is, I would get frustrated, and I wouldn't want to browse through something that gets me all frustrated (could just be my impatients).

but thats where CloudFlare comes in.

You set up your website to use their globally distributed network and

your site magically loads much quicker.

with MORE protection.

I feel very satisfied using their service. (Free account)

So I wanted to share this to my fellow warriors to help.

Sorry for this vague post but the bottom line is that this company helps your boost your webpage loading speed.

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