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Currently we all know how important Guest Blogging and content is for websites, as well as how important Backlinks are for website promotion and SEO, which means Guest Blogging is very important.

So what do you think about Guest Blogging Communities? Currently the only one we know of on the market is It is a website where you can login and create an account, add your site and then put offers on content published by paying members.

They currently have two types of membership Free and $20.00 monthly membership.

What do you think of this site? Have you ever used it? Would you change anything about it?
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    I like to just find relevant blogs in my niche and ask them with an email, nothing special.. works good
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    • Yes, how often do you get a response from them?

      What is your acceptance ratio?

      Would you like to be able to have website owners take a look at your content and put in offers on your content and you get to choose which website it goes on?
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    I used to be a moderator on MBG until family commitments prevented me from spending so much time online, so I might be biased here.

    It's a fantastic community... if I were looking for things to improve it would only be to make it more user friendly because newbies there need pointing in the right direction from time to time. And that's not a major problem because there's a team of good mods always willing to offer a helping hand (although the same might be said for any forum).

    Also, Warrior Cathy Stucker runs a guest blogging site that is well worth checking out:

    Both Blogger Link Up and MBG are essential if you're interested in guest blogging, but the quality of articles can vary greatly from both.

    With BLU, it's up to you and the blogger to communicate with each other and decide if the entire article is right for your site.

    On MBG, you make a commitment to publish an article based on the first paragraph. And many of the bio links in the articles contain no editorial merit. Ah.. that's something I would change I guess - make sure all links have editorial merit. However bio links are disclosed beforehand.

    But maybe if entire articles were displayed before making a commitment to publish, there would be nothing to stop the harvesting of those articles.

    Anyway, that's speaking as someone who accepts guest posts on a regular basis - and not as someone who writes them.

    I wouldn't count on guest blogging as an important part of a long term SEO strategy, that could change overnight and before you know it, becomes a black hat technique.
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  • That is true.

    However, we are actually launching our own Guest Blogging Community at - Pre-Registration Signups and it is set to launch on March 31st, which is why we are wanting to get peoples opinions and thoughts on what they would like to improve on these types of networks so we can make them better for our customers.
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    I'd remove the link to your site if I were you, might be seen as advertising.
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    Hey thanks. today I get to know about good guest blogging websites. Can I ask if I'll get good response for my blogspot free blogs that are 3-4 years old and have around 100+ posts.

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