A question regarding premium domain names ?

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Hey all guys do you buy premium domain name ? if yes then within how what range do you buy and what according to you is a reasonable price for a premium domain name ?

I see names having a tag of $2000 really wonder if they get sold .

Big thanks to all lovely warrior members.

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    guys please reply,,,,,,,,,,,,bump
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      Domains are like any commodity in that if you have a good generic domain that many would like to buy then the price will be what the buyers are willing to pay.
      By the way if you think $2k is a lot for domain then you are mistaken. Some top one word domains have changed hands for 7 figures!

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    Asking price and selling price are two totally different things. The vast majority of domains go unsold, and most domain owners over-value their domains -- sometimes significantly.

    If you really want to know what domains have actually SOLD for, check out www.dnsaleprice.com and do a few searches. Also look at Huge .Net Sale One of Two 6-Figure Deals That Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart.
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    Tnx Rob very realistic answer
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