Internet Marketing Addiction

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When I was newer to this business I would literally log in and check my autoresponder/list stats like every hour of the day...and hoot and holler when I had a few opt ins and then feel like my business was crashing and burning if the next hour I had none.

So here is my question to you all!

How many times have you logged into your autoresponder account within the last 10 days?

* This includes writing mails, just browsing, checking stats, etc

PS: When I was starting in CPA marketing I used to set my alarm for every hour of the night to wake up and check my stats...not very healthy, I know!
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    And I thought I was the only one always refreshing my warriorplus and autoresponder stats.

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    Checking stats, sales, messages etc can certainly become a bit of an obsession particularly when you're just getting started but it can also become a drain on your time and even demoralising if you're not getting the results you want.

    I like to have a schedule for what to check and when as it helps to keep things organised. Auto responder varies depending on whether it's a new campaign or not from daily to weekly or longer.

    Damn it!

    You just got me thinking about today's results.

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    yes I agree it can drain you on your time and get obsessive and addictive. I think when you start something new and you want something to work so much that you do become slightly addictive but being organised and managing your time and doing 'to do' lists each day, you can include warrior etc checks in your list at set times so its not as addictive!

    NDE Admin
    Love all things marketing along with travel, photography and food :)

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    Originally Posted by Kenster View Post

    How many times have you logged into your autoresponder account within the last 10 days?

    At least 20 times.

    I like pushing buttons and feeling special!

    No signature here today!

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    ROTFL.....Im obsessed. I actually do this over 10 times a day. Even though I have help with watching (recent) help. Yes. Im obsessed and proud of it. Shoot it only takes a minute. It's great. I do make myself take days off though. Just to keep me EXCITED about what I will see when i get back on the pc. Plus I use my phone for some stuff. LOL and I know Im not the only one. It is quite addictive.
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    I probably check stats about 20 times a day, it's addicting. Total rush when they're high, completely OCD about it
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    One moment please, I need to log into my aweber account for a sec.
    Alright, done. Let's see... Making money is lots of fun! And seeing your statistics grow is fun as well. There's a reason why business simulation video games sell

    Now, time to check my stats on aweber...

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    It can get out of hand sometimes, check your autoresponder, than your clickbank account,
    then your analytics, then your emails. When you finish - you start all over again

    I'm controlling myself pretty well, checking only once or twice a day, or during breaks.
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  • It´s much worse for me. I don´t do anything else for years. I´m actually working day and night. Sometimes I even dream of it. I haven´t watched TV for at least 3 years.

    IM is a soul sucking b*tch. There is so much to know, to learn, to plan and to do that in Time it pushes all other information out of your brain and takes control. You are not only doing it, you become it and once you become it you cannot stop being what you are.
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      I have to agree with you! LOL...I'm ALWAYS checking on my stats and I do find myself breathing, dreaming and eating Internet Marketing.

      It IS an addiction but a fun addiction. I do have a time management schedule however so that I'm not just obsessing over stats, etc. I've been in this business for a while now and I still do snoopy dances every time I see a positive result and when I see a not so positive result - I embrace it as something new to learn about.
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    In my opinion the reason this happens is the human brain is constantly looking for re assurance that you aren't wasting your time. You want to prove to yourself that this does indeed work.

    The reason most people don't take action and dont complete projects is because they are worried in the end if its going to work or not. The brain is protecting you from failure.

    We all know you first need to fail before you succeed. Go ahead and fail a few times, then go and build something ridiculously cool with your experience.
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  • A reply for Kenster,

    How many times? Do you seriously expect to get rich quick because if that were as easy as some would have us believe, how many wage slaves would be left?

    We have always believed and been taught that making money online is a skill and being such is learnable but takes a little time. The time it takes varies from individual to individual as some start making money within weeks while many hardly make any after years?

    There are many factors that determine this which include the selected niche, the ability and willingness to learn, the mentor chosen to learn from and the common sense to avoid like the plague all those too good to be true offers which are mostly scams or lies to grab our money.

    There is a system that all those really making money use and only those who actually make their money from what they are offering to you and use these as their proofs of earnings instead of often totally different products unrelated to what they want you to buy or the lame products themselves which they never use?

    Our favorite mentor and close personal friend is Chris Farrell but we are all free to decide who we want to work with? So our answer is once or twice a week is how often we check our stats and sign ups and successful sales, and so on?

    Regards to all,

    Stephen & Jennifer.
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    Internet Marketing is the strongest thing I've ever experienced. Sometimes even stronger than womyn and vodka
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    The Internet Marketing is in my DNA. It becomes in my personality.

    I always enjoy myself every time I open my computer, accessing in the net and checking my sites stats, opening my Warrior Forum account of course.

    I like doing A/B and multivariate tests. I check my websites 2 times a day. the first one when I wake up and the second when I go to sleep to tell them good night I miss you my sites
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    I've checked it like 8 times mainly because I'm adding free content emails keeps my reader s engaged
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    I literally check it about 8-10 times I like to watch the list add up even if its one by one.

    War Room Member

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    It's not considered addiction unless you have at least 29 browser tabs open, spread equally over IE, FF, and Chrome, that contain at least the following:

    1) Gmail
    2) Gmail Alternate account
    3) Aweber
    4) Warrior Forum PM's
    5) Warrior+
    6) JVZoo
    7) DigiResults
    8) Mooshpay
    9) Amazon Affiliate Stats
    10) ClickBank
    11) Commission Junction
    12) ShareASale
    13-18) Various CPA Programs
    19-26) Various Other Affiliate Programs
    27-29) Several "Odds and Ends" Email Accounts

    Where it slides into obsession is when you refresh each one sequentially between each response you make on your dual Skype accounts.
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    I open my 4 autoresponder accounts up once a day. Onjce at 7 AM. I close them about 12 AM or so.

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  • Profile picture of the author buildablogsite
    Lol, i remember when i first started i think i would spend about 1 hour refreshing every second and jump everytime something happened. When it's new excitement takes over you are waiting for your first of everything.

    When you get used to it and things are ticking over it's good to get into a routine with analytics, aweber etc....

    I check all my stats at least once a day, if I do something new maybe 2 or 3 times on the affected stat lol. When I'm extremely busy though once a day is enough...

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      There are so many things online that need checking that I had to put a limit on how much I'll check anything. So I try to stick with once or twice a day. Of course it can be hard to stick with that limit when one of your accounts is really active. But I tell myself, "If you wait, imagine how exciting it will be to see all of the stuff that's happened since you checked last time."
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    You can't really help it especially if you're just new to the business - no one will blame you

    But you'll get the hang of it eventually as time passes by, hopefully.
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    i agree , it can be pretty addictive , i am trying to hold myself to only a few times a day when checking out those numbers ...

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    Originally Posted by Kenster View Post

    PS: When I was starting in CPA marketing I used to set my alarm for every hour of the night to wake up and check my stats...not very healthy, I know!
    Thanks for a hearty laugh. That's incredible. Can't say I got to that point. But I do admit that every morning feels like Christmas morning as I check my various stats.

    Anyone ever see the movie Middle Men with Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi? They were early in the IM industry with a porn site. They rigged up a buzzer when they made a sale and other alerts. Within days (or weeks) the buzzer was going non-stop. It was hilarious.

    I check autoresponder stats about once per day. My problem is I have new subs notification to my email and I have a Blackberry. That beeping red light can certainly be a distraction (sales get delivered via email for some aff programs as well).

    I too keep sales dashboards open (my main ones) and refresh them throughout the day to watch sales climb (on good days).

    Fun post and thanks for the laugh.

    Watch Middle Men ... it's a great movie.
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    Originally Posted by Kenster View Post

    How many times have you logged into your autoresponder account within the last 10 days?

    * This includes writing mails, just browsing, checking stats, etc
    Once, to send a pre-launch offer to a segment of my list.

    I'll do all my tallies at the end of the month in one go, and have usable numbers to work with... otherwise it's a waste of time.

    Dealing with customer support emails though is several times a day.
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  • Profile picture of the author theebookcavern
    I've got slightly better since I got the PayPal app for iPhone because that now buzzes to let me know when I get a sale .

    I'm still pretty bad for checking stats though. When I send out an email broadcast I'm constantly fighting the temptation to refresh the page and see my latest open % and click %. It's definitely an addiction and one that's very hard to kick.

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    We were on the same boat guys. That's always the instinct when you are on Internet Marketing.
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    my first content locking site just started picking up steam and i check back every hour lol. its always exciting when something new starts working
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    the only stat that matters is dollars/sales made. you can have a lot of freebie moocher optins and a lot of activity on a site that generates little or no income.

    One of my favorite sayings of all time is:

    "Don't confuse activity with results"

    granted some activity leads to results, but much activity generates no results and is wasted time... so be careful to know the correlated activities that produce income vs activity/noise
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    Good question lol... i log into my autoresponder account every 4 days to write up a new email.
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  • Profile picture of the author Brendan Carl
    I literally check my Analytics account every day when I wake up, and I check my Wordpress Site Stats and Google Analytics Real-Time about every half hour. What can I say, it's addicting.
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    Internet marketing addiction can really help us to achieve success in our business. From my point of view, getting success is all about your marketing strategy, and how effectively you do it.
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    I've checked my stats first thing in the morning every day for the past 5-years. At least I don't check it 1,000-times a day anymore.
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    For Me it would be once or twice a day,I prefer to use the time productively on my business instead of checking stats all the time.
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    Nah I don't have to check. I get e-mail and text alerts LOL
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    for me the more i check the more disappointment. i prefer to check weekly.
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      Originally Posted by misstan View Post

      for me the more i check the more disappointment. i prefer to check weekly.
      That's some serious you see from some of the responses above, when people first start out in IM, they tend to be check stats a million times a day...

      It's exciting but as you grow your business, that excitement drains a little so you tend to check less and less...even if the dollars are bigger, the excitement isn't as great as those first few milestones you hit.
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  • Profile picture of the author gcbmark20
    Yeah tell me about it!

    It can be like a real roller-coster ride sometimes, especially if you have just paid for your traffic and know there are going to be thousands of visitors who are going to see your free offer within the week.
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  • Profile picture of the author celente
    This is a very good post ken.

    I remember checking emails every 2 minutes a long time ago. Now I keep busy, and only check stats to see where my sales are coming from.

    I actually have an alarm set everytime I get a sale notification on clickbank, and when I hear this sound only then do I jump over and see where my sales are coming from and what traffic source. Then I know what traffic source to use more of, to test and tweak some more.

    I guess after all these years, you soon realise time is money, and money and helping people is why we are doing this. But this is another timely reminder. Thanks ken.
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