Amazon - I'm in contact with a product manufacturer... how to capitalize?

by thedog
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I have an Amazon site that's doing pretty well.

For the best selling product on my site, I decided to contact the manufacturer a while back, looking for permission to use pics from their site.

They were more than happy to oblige.... and, after seeing my site, really wanted advice for their own site. They're not a big outfit, but have a solid product, and product line.

They sell the product on their own site, for the same price that's on Amazon... but I imagine only get very few sales... they're not ranking at all.

So... I suggested that we could work together, and they're interested.

I'm still not sure on how to best capitalize on this...

Send my buy button to their site, and ask for 10%+ commission?

CPC? if so... how much .50c... $1?

Sell them the site? + 10-20 times monthly income?

So.. what's the best play here... the product is seasonal, but for 4 months of the year, it can bring in around $800 per month, a third of that around now.
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    A number of could request an increase in commission for leads you send them directly or even offer to help SEO and better their website in exchange for a monthly fee.

    Where you would get the best bang for your buck is by getting their product at wholesale and reselling it...even better if they can dropship it for you. But this can be a large undertaking you may not want to deal with.
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    Huge benefit if you can get the product at wholesale prices and undercut the other competitors out there because of your relationship with the manufacturer or alternatively a dropshipping agreement is also good.
    Worst case scenario, fine tune their site and get it ranking and maintain it all for a fee and keep on selling your product for those 4 months a year
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