Inflation In Internet Marketing

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Anyone else find that there doesn't appear to be much inflation in IM?

It seems the prices are always either $7,$9,$17,$27,$47,$97..etc.

Just something that I thought was quite interesting, where as in an offline company often you would increase your prices by a certain percentage each year to account for inflation
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    The inflation comes on the backend. But even with that, it seems there is deflation in IM as most guides I buy now are cheaper and far superior than anything I ever bought one or two years ago.

    Its definitely a buyers market.
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      Originally Posted by Mister Rex View Post

      Its definitely a buyers market.
      Yes, but that is kind of the fault of the sellers in the market if you ask me. Everyone kept undercutting each other trying to make the easy sale. Now they have hit the bottom of the well but don't really have a way to climb out again.
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    Yes, it's a buyers market - public are a lot more savvy with their money, so products have to be top notch!

    The lengendary 4 Billion Dollar man Ted Nicholas was the man who tested and pioneered the product price ending in 7 rather than 9.

    His results showed 7 produced better than 9.

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    You've got a really good point here, most of the stuff coming out these days is in the lower range, but if you are looking for coaching/consulting from anyone who is worth their salt, they are still charging in the 1000's... and rightly so, phenomenal education that yields results will always (IMO) be a high-end product that won't come down too much.
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