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Hi everybody, I am a new member in Warrior Forum Just wanted to reach out and ask for some advise in to how to advertise my new site.
My site name is Mortgagediscounter.com I recently started to do some SEO work on it, I know this can take a long process because its a very competitive marketplace, with this said does anybody advise any other ways I can advertise besides PPC or SEO.
I have herd email marketing, Banner are pretty good but do not know who to go with, any advise will be appreciated.
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    The site looks pretty good I think. If it is a really competitive market then yes SEO will take a long time if you want to rank well. PPC is a quick option but could be expensive. Email marketing is a really effective way to make money...but you build an email list by getting traffic and to do that you will probably either need to do SEO or PPC. Advertising shouldn't be the focus until you are getting steady traffic in my opinion.
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      Michael I purchased Ultimate Demon Last week, any though on this software?
      Thanks again
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    Thanks Michael for your fast response.
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    Nice looking website. Another potential source of traffic for you could be through article marketing. You could offer advice, tips, cautions, etc. in articles that are posted in some of the major directories. This could yield you not only potential traffic but over time help brand you as knowledgeable and build trust.
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      Sorry for my little knowledge in the field, but how would I start artilce marketing?
      Where do I start with this?
      Thanks agin
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    I agree with Michael said.I think you should be from a long-term interests...If you have enough money.PPC is relatively fast...If you want to keep stable ranking.SEO will be a good choice.But it is relatively slow and need a team...
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    There's an odesk/amazon link at the top of your webpage (i'm using internet explorer 7). Also the "Advertising" section of your site is empty. Did you do that purposely?
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      was thinking in putting adsense or something similar
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    If I had a mortgage site I would concentrate on the local areas where people are buying, like N Dakota. There are vast parts of the US where the mortgage business is dominated by local players. Actually I would rather beat my head against a wall than be in the mortgage business these days. But that's just me.
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      Lol I have been in The Mortgage Industry for 12 Years Already, I feel your pain lol
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          Yes my friend, some are making crazy money, I know several Making over $500k a year
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      The Problem with PPC is that I started with $200 and got $0 in conversion, I also tried Adknowledge and the same results, I have been using precision ads for this, but they only pay when lead converts, I think I will need to change to probably to a different provider such as Quinstreet that pays under ppc.
      The problem with quinstreet I would not be able to do PPC on google. Thats why I am trying to find an alternative and more affordable ways to do this.
      Also if anybody knows any good SEO and affordable experts please let me know, Thanks again for everybody's help
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    I forgot to mentioned that I also have like 7 other sites, some pr1 and 1 pr5, They are all finance related.
    my sites are:
    mortgagelowrate.com (PR0) Website
    MortgagerateforToday.com (PR0) Website
    HawaiiMortgages.net (PR0) Blog
    LowfhaMortgage.com (pr1) Blog
    Bestrefinanceinfo (PR1) Blog
    MortgageRatesforCalifornia.com (PR1) Blog
    Moneyinyourlife.com (PR5) Blog
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