Need some feedback for my blog, please

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I posted this in the web design forum, got totally ignored (lol) so I'll see if I can get anything here. Forgive me for reposting...

I need a bit of feedback and advice on my next move.

My blog is focused on the network marketing/MLM niche.

I am getting a tiny bit of traffic, as per my Analytics report.

Some things to note:

*Bounce rate is averaging about 60-65%

*Average time spent on site is about 2 minutes.

*Over 80% are new visits.

*About 8-10 visits per day.

*I get majority of my traffic from search engine, and about 25/25 from referring sites (mostly ezine and facebook) and direct traffic (probably from my list coming from my emails).

My issue is - how can I convert the traffic better into leads?
Should I start being bold and use Pop-Up Dom?
Should I change the ad copy of the opt-in box?
Should I simply just drive more traffic? More targeted?

Feedback very much welcome!
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  • Profile picture of the author Patrick Batty
    Hi Michaelangelo,
    I dont think you can really tell much with 8-10 visits a more traffic is essential.

    However, (and please don't take this the wrong's meant to be constructive)

    Why don't you put a more friendly looking image of yourself on the page?

    I'm not into MLM, but I would think pleasant upbeat personality would be important to get people to join you.

    Pretty simple change... maybe do a bit of split testing if you aren't sure.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • Profile picture of the author Will Edwards
    First off, great theme, very nice looking site - well done!

    To get more leads, you don't need to do much. You should rework the video to do the following:

    1. Get more energy into it
    2. Talk about the great sign up bonus you are offering
    3. Call to action - ask them to sign up

    Good luck

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    Visited your page. Maybe you can do a summary of what you are doing, sort of like a squeeze page. You can reserve your articles somewhere else like in your blog or in other pages.

    Try to connect with people who are interested in your thing. You can find lots in this forum. Give them attention. Help them, then you can win them. You really need a support group when doing this. There are groups out there focusing on these. Maybe you can join them to give your business a boost.

    Good luck!
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  • Thanks to you all. Very useful indeed. To be honest, I made the video BEFORE I got the opt-in offer sorted out, so yeah it IS missing a call to action. You're absolutely right.

    How about layout? Plugin suggestions? Should I use Pop-Up dom?
    Or should I just concentrate on driving more traffic? (I think this one is pretty obvious anyway)

    Blogging With Attitude - Michaelangelo Flores Official Blog

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  • Profile picture of the author ExpressFans
    The web is cool but i think you need to use Read More at the Post !

    Good Luck
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  • Profile picture of the author Chri5123
    The site looks nice - well presented.

    However before you start to go through split testing and improving the page you need way more traffic.

    I normally aim for 100 visitors a day to start off with and then you can see how many opt ins/sales are coming through and start to build from there.

    Also if you haven't already get a good stat counter tool like Google Analytics on there as well.

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  • Ok got it. Thanks guys. So it's still too early to be playing around. Traffic is first and foremost top priority. Much appreciated!

    Blogging With Attitude - Michaelangelo Flores Official Blog

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  • Profile picture of the author Devin X
    Personally, I'd set up an email series on mailchimp or aweber (autoresponder series) using your content from the blog, and then building upon that.

    Then, I'd convert my blog into a squeeze page...offer the email series (content) and maybe an ebook or private video(s). That will build your list, build trust, and build community. I killed my blog and did sub rate jumped a retarded amount.

    smarter, not harder lol
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