How to get more traffic from Yahoo?

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I am not getting Traffic from Yahoo.. most of the traffic of my site is coming from Google.

From i got the idea of Adding RSS feed on Myyahoopage. I did this. But it is not working too.

Is there any Good way to get healthy amount of traffic from Yahoo?
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    Well, I once I asked this question, and the answer I was given mostly still applies.

    The answer: Don't worry about it.

    The reason then was that, if you optimize for Google, you'll rank well for most other search engines. The reason now is that Yahoo doesn't even do search anymore. They just brand the Bing results as their own.

    And before you ask about getting better Bing results, don't worry about them either. Focus on Google and everyone else will follow along.

    -- j

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    I can mirror your experiences with Yahoo - I have found it to be quite a poor traffic source.
    I am also curious about a good solution.
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    Thank You All Especially jaRyCu
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    Yahoo isn't the titan it once was, in fact, if you look at Alexa it is still somewhat relevant...just not so much for search: Site Info

    It seems to be used more now as an news aggregation provided and email provider than a search engine.

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