How I stopped being a Newbie - Finding the Money

by KenJ
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If you are new to internet marketing my story might help you.

I have been working on setting up my internet business now for just over 2 years. I had never even heard of an ebook in 2006. I was using frontpage to update my work website and that was all.

Having watched and listened for these 2 years I have learned that there are many ways of making money online. I have also taken action.

Such has been the fury of activity on my computer I now have 20+ websites up and running. They are all making some level of income.

Here is what I have done online in those 2 years

  • I have written about 1500 articles for my websites and for article directories.
  • Other warrior forum members have commissioned me to write articles for them.
  • Created 18 blogs on various topics including 15 that I know nothing about (I will not do that again)
  • Created 3 html based websites on niches that interest me.
  • Written 4 ebooks
  • Recorded a 10 video training series.
  • Placed a further 40 videos on youtube that point back to my niche websites.
  • Created 2 lists of subscribers
  • set up aweber autoresponder series of emails to my subscribers on the 2 lists
  • Joined a number of membership websites that provide training and resources to help me improve my business.

This is quite incredible to review my progress and yet something that "Allen Says" posted got me thinking.

He made a post in the private forum about creating your own products versus affiliate marketing. I realised that I make the most money from my own products. Sure, it's great to get the adsense commissions and affiliate payments but in pure £ for £ (or $ for $) comparison it is my own products that make the money.

I am not making a full time income yet but I now know that creating my own products must be my main focus from now on. This discovery will help me increase my online income hugely in 2009.

If you have been a newbie for too long why don't you review where you are and what works for you. Then make that your main focus of work and attention.
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    Good post. I too discovered that you can make some greenbacks with AdSense and affiliate commissions, but progressing to creating and selling your own stuff is the way to go. I know others who have also followed this progression. Kind of IM evolution, if you will. Some move beyond this stage and into teaching others how to do it, which I haven't, but that's where some big money lives.

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    Absolutely. Creating your own product is the best way to go and is often the cheapest and quickest way to get a good ROI, especially if you can find affiliates willing to promote it for you.

    Product creation and mailing lists are where the most money is made the quickest online. And affiliate marketing if you're experienced.

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    I agree your own product is the way to go. A lot of people get stuck at this point. I'm at this point right now. I think this can be overcome with strong desire and extreme focus.
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    I also agree that your own product is very smart, but I also think that sometimes people jump into it too early.

    If you don't test the market first you could be throwing a ton of money and time away. I've had success with testing multiple markets with one foot, and then jumping in when the gettin's good


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      Originally Posted by freudianslip27 View Post

      I also agree that your own product is very smart, but I also think that sometimes people jump into it too early.

      If you don't test the market first you could be throwing a ton of money and time away. I've had success with testing multiple markets with one foot, and then jumping in when the gettin's good


      Not only that but it does take a lot of time and effort to create a real Quality product. If not in the creation of the product itself, at least in the time it takes to think of what you want to create.

      It would appear that most people could be successfull if they had the time to invest, it is an evolution, because you can make money to sustain yourself with Affiliate marketing while you also work on creating your own product.

      (but if you really figure out aff. marketing you may never need to create your own product )
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    Great post Ken, thanks for sharing. I too did affiliate marketing, did it for a long time. I was tired of sending them all the customers, wanted my own customers. Nice to get those repeat sales I wouldn't have seen before.
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    Your doing great, and you have a lot of activity. I've been able to enjoy a fulltime income with just one blog. I can't imagine having 20 of
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    Yep, I read the same post in the war room and it is making my head spin.

    Now I see even here on the warrior forum the focus is mainly on affiliate marketing which is what I have focused on for two years.

    Being a product creator is an entirely new set of skills! Just when I put all the pieces together for pushing other people's stuff so well!

    But after reading that thread I have no choice but to start over again.
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    I agree Product Creation is the Ultimate way to go, however, everyone may not be ready for this stage. And some may never be cut out for it. Just like the world has Employees and Employers, one has to get in where they fit in and milk it for all it's worth!
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    I agree, creating your own product requires some good research, however why not creating a product that has a proven market such as diet products. It's just a matter of finding the right contacts (manufacturer) along with a good marketing campaign. How about utilizing CPA Networks and co-reg to market it.
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    well, i too have to agree. but you have to be a newbie first before creating your own product rite. You have to learn what works and what doesn't. I'm now working on a huge backlink list which i think will be ready next week.

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  • Profile picture of the author Boda Media
    You can make money quite a bit easier then that... autoblogs are a way that I have used to make a good income.. and know I am working fulltime online..

    Good luck

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      • Profile picture of the author KenJ
        Thanks Ron and John et al.

        I find producing products quite easy because of my work background. Coming up with the killer niche is my issue. I know that many people simply repeat what is already on the market with a new twist of their own. I am reluctant to do this.

        I am currently writing an ebook that is in the property niche. As far as my research goes it has not been covered before so I am quite excited to get it finished and start testing the market with it.

        Cheers for the encouragement

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        • Profile picture of the author Ian Jackson
          Hi Ken, are you a full or part time IMer?
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    Are you prepared to give us and indication of what you might make in a good month?
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    Thanks for the post..I'm new and doing affiliate marketing and customer name collecting..will move on to product creation

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    Congratulations Ken as I am just at the point of creating a product in my niche and it is always nice to hear a positive story.

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  • Profile picture of the author KenJ
    Hi Ian

    I am strictly a part timer at present. I do have designs on turning full time at the earliest opportunity but as I like life's comforts this will take a while. I believe this will happen in a few years with the right self made products.
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