traffic ideas or keyword help or ?

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listed this in two different cities and the local results for the search term 'home improvements" doesnt return a link to the site like it does in the other city
any ideas ? also I have attempted to list his business on google map listings and , altho my stats say it has had 18 impressions, I have yet to find it online ..does this rotate the listings ?
thanks guys

here is the link
before and after pics Michael and marc (skilled trade services)
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    For keyword suggestions, always use this tool:

    As far as getting traffic, post in blogs or forums in your local area or in the home improvement niche. or be more specific as to what kind of work they do. create a different listing for each type of job... one for kitches, one for bathrooms, one for glass, one for hardwood, etc.

    i'm not too experienced with getting traffic to classifieds, however, so that's about all I can suggest...

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    i just see the craigslist listing return with no keyword seo on several searches adn cant quite get the reason ...same ads on both
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    You've got to be a bit smarter than just posting the same ad in multiple cities on craigslist. They have a policy of posting the same ad every 48 hours only and not in more than one city - so do repost every 3 days to keep it fresh, but if you want to post in more than one city, you'll need to write different copy for each city, and possibly use different email addresses too.
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